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Puducherry Pay Slip Download at Paysoft Login: Most state governments in India have their own employee portals. These employee portals contain the data of the employees working in various departments in the state government. Some portals offer very useful services to their employees, so they don’t have to go to the concerned departments to get their work done. Important documents, such as monthly salary slips, are available on these portals. Puducherry Employee Pay Slip 2023 is available in the Puducherry Paysoft portal managed by the government. Employees can now view or download their monthly pay slips from this portal.

Puducherry Pay Slip Download

Puducherry Pay Slip Download


Puducherry Employee Salary Slip 2023 is given to every employee and is considered a very important document. It contains the details of the employee's salary for that particular month. The finance department of Puducherry is now allowing government employees to download their monthly payslips from the Paysoft web portal. Employees can view their data anytime online through this website. To download the salary slip, employees need to follow some simple steps.


How to Download Puducherry Employee Salary Slip 2023

Here are the steps to download the Puducherry employee salary slip from the payroll system web portal. 

1) Visit the web portal https://esalary.py.gov.in.

Puducherry Pay Slip Download

2)Now, log in using the employee login button and by entering the login details. GPF/PRAN number needs to be entered. Also, enter the captcha code that appears.

Puducherry Pay Slip Download

3) Different links for viewing my details, pay slips, GPF particulars, and loan applications will appear.
4) Choose the payslip link. Select the month for which you want to view or download the payslip.
5) The payslip details will now appear on the screen. Check the details, download pay slips, save them on the device, and then take a printout.

What does the Puducherry Employee Pay slip contain?

Puducherry employee pay slip contains the details of the employee's earnings, deduction towards savings, and the details of the tax paid. Employee pay slip which can be used as an income proof certificate, contains important details about the employee. Basic details such as employee code, name, designation, and PAN number are mentioned in it. Also, the bank account number can be seen. Basic pay, DA, Allowances, and house rent allowance are included in the earning details. GPF, taxes and instalments and recoveries are mentioned in the deduction section. Finally, the net amount and gross amount details are given in the payslip.

Puducherry Pay Slip Download

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