Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes - List of AP Govt Schemes 2023

Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes - List of AP Govt Schemes 2023: Andhra Pradesh is the 28th state of India. Right now, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh is YS Jaganmohan Reddy. We created a category of Andhra Pradesh state schemes to provide you with all the government schemes presently working inside the state. When the YSRCP government come into power, they introduce new schemes. Most days, change the name of all the previous governments. Regarding the area, Andhra Pradesh covers 160 205 km2. The total population in Andhra Pradesh, according to 2011, is near about 5 crore. But it will be increased in 2020, Surely. The most used language in Andhra Pradesh is Telugu. After that, English and then Hindi will be used as communication languages in this state.

Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes

This section will tell you about the Andhra Pradesh government schemes the chief minister started. Start schemes for school-going children, women empowerment schemes, old age pension schemes and youth unemployed allowance schemes. They especially cover the Kapu community with the YSR Kapu Nestam scheme for students. They start the Jagan Anna Vidya Deevana and the Jagan Anna Vasati Deevana schemes. Other government schemes like rice schemes, free eye testing, YSR law nestam and YSR matsyakara nestam schemes for targeting every particular category. This is the aim of the YSR government to cover every category Human from newborn babies to old age person. The Complete List of all AP Government Schemes is mentioned Below one by one.

Below is the list of Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes :

Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes

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