Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes - List of AP Govt Schemes 2023

Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes - List of AP Govt Schemes 2023: India is a developing country with crores of people below the poverty line. It is tough for them to bear education expenses, health etc. Most of the people in rural areas depend on agriculture related work word as labourers in fields. This is, again, seasonal work and will only be available during the year. Thus the central and state governments try to help to improve the living conditions of these people by providing subsidized food, financial assistance and free health facilities. 

 From the beginning, Andhra Pradesh governments launched many welfare schemes for various categories of society. These categories included people below the poverty, women, children, farmers, old people, and physically challenged and financially weaker sections of society. 

Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes

Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes 2023 

Poverty, unemployment, and lack of health and educational facilities for the poor are prime issues in any developing country. Andhra Pradesh government launched many social welfare schemes to fight these issues and is spending crores of rupees. Poor and middle-class people are getting benefited from these government schemes. Pension schemes, educational schemes for school and college going children, women empowerment schemes, unemployment allowance and many other schemes are available. We will provide you with the details of the schemes, and you can choose the one that works for you and apply for it to get the benefit. 

Scholarship programs such as YSR Vidya Deevana, Jagananna Vidya Kanuka etc., help the children to get free education, education related devices, fee concessions etc. The government is also helping the poor build their own houses by providing free plots for constructing houses for all eligible candidates. Loans are also given for significantly fewer interest rates. For a few eligible people, houses are built by the government itself. There are also caste-based schemes, which provide financial assistance to women to set up small businesses or repay loans they have taken for agriculture or business. Farmers, fishermen, drivers, pastors, priests, students, physically handicapped people and others benefit from various schemes offered by the Andhra Pradesh state government.

Below is the list of Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes :

Andhra Pradesh Government Schemes 2023

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