Haryana Employee Pay Slip 2023 download at Haryana e-Salary portal

Haryana Employee Pay Slip 2023 download at Haryana e-Salary portal: Employees working under the Haryana government can now easily download their salary slips using the e-salary website launched by the state government. Employees can now get their latest salary slips and salary slips from previous months by logging into the salary portal. They can check Haryana Employee Pay Slip 2023 by logging into the HRMS login portal/IFMS login portal.

Haryana Employee Pay Slip download

Haryana Employee Pay Slip download


Haryana is one of the wonderful and wealthy states of India. Haryana has a literacy rate higher than the national average literacy rate. With the increasing literacy rate, the number of people who can use computers is also increasing. To save time and make it convenient for their employees to handle their pay slip requirements, the Haryana government launched a facility where government employees can download or check their payslips online from any place and at any time.

How to Download Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2023

To download the Haryana employee pay slip 2023, employees working under the Haryana state government must first register and get login credentials. After verification of details, their salary account is activated. Employee code, account password and registered mobile number are used to check or download the payslip.
1) To download pay slips, go to the Haryana eSalary portal https://esalaryhry.nic.in

Haryana eSalary portal

2) log in to the website by entering the username and password. Enter the security code. Click the login button. A payee page appears on the screen. 

ebilling haryana

3) Under the main menu, choose the “edit profile” option and then the report option. Choose a payslip from the list. Select the month, and year you want to see or download the pay slip. 

4) Then click on the “generate the report” option. You can see it in PDF format. Now you can download the salary slip on your device. 

5) It is also possible to download the annual report.

What does the Haryana Employee Pay slip contain?

Haryana Employee Salary Slip 2023 is a detailed payment sheet for the employee for a particular month. Usually, the pay slips contain the basic pay, HRA, dearness allowance, deductions and earnings, and net salary. This sheet can be used as employment and income proof for availing housing loans, vehicle loans, credit cards etc. Pay slips give detailed information on the employee's earnings for a specific month. They also contain the employee's personal details, such as the name, designation, department he works for, bank details, Aadhar and Pan Number, etc.

Haryana Employee Pay Slip 2023 download 

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