Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2022 download at Paymanager portal

Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2022 download at Paymanager portal : Now, the government employees of Rajasthan state can download their Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2022 from the Paymanager portal. They can download their monthly salary slips, annual salary slips or check their details online by logging into this site.

Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip download


Rajasthan government initiated integrated finance management system for their employees. This portal by designed to help the government employees download or check their salary slips from anywhere, anytime. Employees can use their unique username and password to access the portal. Let us now check how the pay slips can be downloaded from the portal.


How to Download Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip 2022

Rajasthan government employees
can download pay slips from Paymanager website. 

 1) To begin the process, open the https://paymanagerddo.rajasthan.gov.in/

Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip

2) login option appears on screen and there is DDO/Employee login link. Select the option and fill the user name and password details in the respective boxes. Also enter the captcha code that is generated. From the list of options, choose the Employee option.

3)Click on the login button. The page now displays the name of the visitor on top of the page. 

4) Now select the employee corner and then select the pay slip option. From the drop down menu select the month and year for which the pay slip is needed. 

5) Click on submit. Now the file can be downloaded and saved to the device. Salary slip can be downloaded in the above method to check the payment details and the status.

What does the Rajasthan Employee Pay slip contain?

Rajasthan Employee Salary Slip
2022 is an important document as this can be used as proof of income for applying to credit card, housing or vehicle loan etc. The pay slips also contain all the employment details of the person and is a proof of employment. The salary slip of Rajasthan state government employees contains the basic details of the employee such as the employee code, his name, department he is working in, designation, GPF number, PAN number and others. Bank details and grade of the employee are also mentioned on the slip. Apart from the personal details, the salary slips also contain the gross salary details. These include the basic salary, DA, HRA, allowances, deduction such as taxes, recoveries, GPS etc. Finally the net amount and gross amount are also mentioned on the slip. Employees can check payment details of any month by downloading the respective month’s pay slip from Paymanager portal.

Rajasthan Employee Pay Slip 2022 download at Paymanager portal

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