West Bengal Employee Pay Slip 2022 download at IFMS West Bengal

West Bengal Employee Pay Slip 2022 download at IFMS West Bengal : WB Employee Pay Slip 2022 is an important document and is given to each and every state employee at the end of the month. Pay slips lets the employee know what is earning for his month and what amount of his salary is deducted and also the tax paid. Salary slips are usually given to the employees by the finance departments of India.

How to register on WBIFMS Portal

Web portal https://wbifms.gov.in allows the employees to download pay slips without having to go to any office. The website is handled by the finance department. This portal not only allows the employees to download the pay slips but also lets them access information about salary, medical reimbursement, gratuity etc. This is a user friendly site and is a single platform for many departments, offices and treasuries.

West Bengal Employee Pay Slip

How to Download West Bengal Employee Salary Slip 2022

IFMS website was launched by the West Bengal state government for making it easy for their employees to access information and also to check their pay slips or download them. Employees must take the following steps to download their salary slips. 

1) Visit IFMS West Bengal website: https://wbifms.gov.in

IFMS West Bengal website

2) On the home page click on sign the e-services for employees. 
3) The employee ID in HRMS is the login ID for the employees. Enter this to get a temporary password on mobile. Enter this password and later this password can be changed. 

IFMS West Bengal Login

4) After logging in, look for the My Documents option. Click on it and then click on View Pay Slip. On the pay slip web application click on the back or next arrow to select year. Also select he month. Pay slip will appear which can be downloaded to take print out.

My Documents option

What does the West Bengal Employee Pay slip contain?

West Bengal Employee Salary Slip 2022 provides important details to its employees. These details include the code of the employee, name, GPF number, his/her designation, scale of the employee, PAN number, bank account details, Aadhar number etc. Employees can also see their basic pay, Dearness allowance, house rent allowance, deduction details such as profession tax, recoveries, instalments paid etc. Finally the salary slip shows the net amount, gross amount the employee earned for the particular month.

West Bengal Employee Pay slip

Employees of West Bengal government can use the IFMS website irrespective of their departments to check or download their monthly or yearly salary slips anywhere, anytime on their own mobile devices without having to visit the concerned offices and save a lot of time.

West Bengal Employee Pay Slip 2022 download at IFMS West Bengal

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