Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2023 download at iHRMS PNB Salary Slip Website

Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2023 download at iHRMS PNB Salary Slip Website: Punjab state in India is popular for the Golden temple and the people of Punjab depend mostly on agriculture and transport for livelihood. There are also many numbers of employees working for the state government. The state government offers many facilities to its employees. To make it easier for the employees to check and download their payslips, the state government introduced the iHRMS website.

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Integrated human resources management system or the iHRMS is a web portal that can be used by the state government employees of Punjab to check their salary slips, and annual salary statements, to raise complaints, etc. Punjab government employees have to register and get login credentials to use the website. Later they can access the site with the password and username.

Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2022 download

iHRMS web portal can be used by any individual to download Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2023 and it is very easy to use. As a payslip is an important document to be used to apply for house loans, vehicle loans, credit cards, or various schemes, employees will need to check or take a printout of it. With this portal, it is not needed to go to any offices for the document.

How to Download Punjab Employee Salary Slip 2023

1) To download the Punjab employee payslip, visit the website http://hrms.punjab.gov.in.

2) On the home page you will see the login button. Enter your credentials and log in to see the employee/payee/pension web application.

3) Click on my service. Choose the salary slip link. Look for the salary statement section and choose the salary slip file in it. 

4) The salary slip now can be downloaded now to a smartphone or computer. Employees can get the salary slips for the last 3 months or 6 months or for a chosen month.

What does the Punjab Employee Payslip contain?

Punjab government employees can get their salary slip 2023 on the iHRMS web portal. The salary slips contain the basic salary, HRA, various tax deductions, PF details, leaves, advances, and other personal details of the employee such as the name, employee code, the department in which they are working, Aadhar number, PAN number, bank details and loans if any, and the gross and net salary.

Punjab government employees can check all their employment information on the mobile app also. This mobile application can be installed on a smartphone. Log in using the username and password and check the required details anywhere and anytime.

Punjab Employee Pay Slip 2023 download

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