Uttarakhand Employee Pay Slip 2023 download at eKosh CFMS Salary Slip website

Uttarakhand Employee Pay Slip 2023 download at eKosh CFMS Salary Slip website: Uttarakhand state government employees can now download their Uttarakhand Employee Pay Slip 2023 from eKosh website. They can download their payslip anytime and anywhere easily on their device. Employees currently working for the Uttarakhand state government and retired government employees can access eKosh official portal.

Uttarakhand Employee Pay Slip download online



eKosh website was launched by the Uttarakhand government that helps reduce the workload of the financial department employees. The integrated financial management system software can accurately and quickly provide pay slips to employees.
Employees may need payslips for various purposes like applying for housing loans, vehicle loans, credit cards etc. if they have to take the pay slip manually from the financial department, it will take a couple of days to get it. But with eKosh website, the process to download pay slips can be completed within seconds.


How to Download Uttarakhand Employee Salary Slip 2023

The employees must have registered login credentials to download Uttarakhand Employee Salary Slip 2023. 

1) Login credentials are needed to access the website. Click on the link of ekosh.uk.gov.in official website.

Uttarakhand Employee Salary Slip

2)  Look for the CTS login button. This appears on the bottom left of the window. Click on this, and the login page will appear.

Uttarakhand Employee Salary Slip

3) Now, carefully enter the employee code/RMN. You can also use your Aadhaar number as your Login ID. Now enter the password.

Uttarakhand Employee Salary Slip

4) In the next field, you must enter the captcha code. After completing the above, click on the login button.
5) Click on the eKosh pay slip option and select the month for which the pay slip is required. When it loads, you can either download it or print it. If the login credentials are forgotten, the facility can regenerate the login password by using the reset option.

What does the Uttarakhand Employee Pay slip contain?

Pay slips are documents that show the full details of an employee’s earnings for a particular month. It contains the name, code, department and designation of the employee. His / her bank details, aadhaar number and other important details will be mentioned in the payslip. The employee's basic salary, house rent allowance, dearness allowance, and other extra allowances are also mentioned, along with deduction details. The net salary that will be deposited for the month is calculated using the earnings and deductions. The amount is mentioned in the pay slip.

Uttarakhand Employee Pay Slip 2023 download

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