Nizamabad District With Mandals in Telangana State

Nizamabad District With Mandals: Nizamabad is a city and a municipal corporation in the Nizamabad District of Telangana State. It is also known as Indur which was supposed to have originated from the name of the King Indradatta who seems to have developed it during the 5th century A.D. Later during the 18th century, the Nizams ruled over the Deccan region and the district got its name from him. and is the headquarter of the Nizamabad district. Nizamabad city is one of 36  mandals in the Nizamabad district, located 171 kilometres (106 mi) north of the state capital, Hyderabad.

The boundaries of Nizamabad district are Medak and Karimnagar District Nandhedu District in Maharashtra state. Adilabad district in East, West, North respectively. Nizamabad District has 36 mandals.

Nizamabad District With Mandals

Nizamabad District With Mandals


Nizamabad district occupies an area of 16,128 square kilometres. The district lies between 180 5′ and 190′ of the northern latitudes and 770 4′ and 780 37′ of the eastern longitudes.

Nizamabad district is bound on the north by Adilabad district, on the east by Karimnagar district, on the south by Medak district, and on the west by Nanded district of Maharastra State and Bidar of Karnataka State.

The Godavari River enters Telangana from the Nizamabad district at Kandhakurthi. The Manjira River runs through the district, which flows through Nizamsagar, Banswada, Birkur, Kandakurthi, kotagiri (sunkini) and Pochampadu, and joins into the Godavari river. The river forms the border of Nizamabad district with Maharastra, as it is the border for the state of Telangana.

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Nizamabad district population for 2011 census is 2,552,073. Out of which Male are 1,252,191 and females are 1,299,882. Population Growth is 8.80%, Literacy percentage is 61.25%. The density of the population of the district is 321 people Density/km2

Nizamabad District Urban Population 2011 census out of the total population, 23.06 per cent live in urban regions of the district. In total, 588,372 people live in urban areas of which males are 291,804 and females are 296,568. The sex ratio in the urban region of the Nizamabad district is 1016 according to 2011 census data. Similarly, the child sex ratio in the Nizamabad district was 962 in the 2011 census. The child population (0-6) in the urban region was 67,471 of which males and females were 34,381 and 33,090. The child population figure of the Nizamabad district is 11.78% of the total urban population. The average literacy rate in Nizamabad district according to census 2011 is 77.22% of which males and females are 84.31% and 70.29% literate respectively. In actual number 402,216 people are literate in urban region of which males and females are 217,030 and 185,186 respectively.

Mandals in Nizamabad District

Armur Mandal Balkonda Mandal Bheemgal Mandal
Bodhan Mandal Dharpally Mandal Dichpally Mandal
Indalwai Mandal Jakranpalle Mandal Kammarapalle Mandal
Kotgiri Mandal Makloor Mandal Mendora Mandal
Mortad Mandal Mugpal Mandal Mupkal Mandal
Nandipet Mandal Navipet Mandal Nizamabad Rural Mandal
Renjal Mandal Rudrur Mandal Sirkonda Mandal
Varni Mandal Velpur Mandal Yedapalle Mandal
Yergaltla Mandal

Nizamabad District With Mandals

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