Mahabubabad District with Mandals in Telangana State

Mahabubabad District with Mandals in Telangana State, Mahabubabad District with Mandals, Mahabubabad District, Mahabubabad District in Telangana State: Mahabubabad district is a district in Telangana state in India. This district in on the west bank of Munneru. The name came from word manukota which means that fort made of trees. As in past, this district was covered fully with trees. Mahabubabad has a semi-tropical climate. Mostly in summer, it is very hot, while in winter it is not too cold. This district mainly relies on monsoon and rainfall. In many parts of the district, there is water problem as well as the transportation problem. People are suffering due to drinking water problem here.

Mahabubabad District

Mahabubabad District with Mandals

As of 2011 census, Mahabubabad has a population of 7,70,170. The district has 2 revenue divisions with 16 mandals. Sex ratio is good here as it is 1068 female per 1000 male are there. The literacy rate is also very good as it is 79.17%. The language spoken here are mainly Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, and English. Transportation via roads and railways both are awesome here. Both are easily available for passengers. So overall this is a well-furnished district with almost all the facilities. But still, there are some places where there are some problems. But it will be also taken care of.

Mandals in Mahabubabad District

Mahabubabad Kuravi Kesamudram
Dornakal Gudur Kothaguda
Gangaram Bayyaram Garla
Chinnagudur* Danthalapalle* Thorrur
Peddavangara* Nellikudur Maripeda

Mahabubabad District with Mandals

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