Khammam District with Mandals in Telangana State

Khammam District with Mandals in Telangana State, Khammam District, Khammam Districts with Mandals, Khammam District Telangana State: Khammam District is a district in Telangana state in India. The name Khammam was given to this district in the name of a local hill called as "Stambhadri". The Southern part of the district has been flourished as a famous Buddhist center. People here believe in Buddhist religion also. On 2nd June 2014, Khammam with other 9 districts came into existence in Telangana. It is located about 193 kilometers from state capital i.e. Hyderabad.

Khammam District

Khammam District with Mandals

Khammam district occupies an area of 4453.00 square kilometers. It has an elevation of 107 meters. As of census 2011, Khammam was having a population around 14,01,639. Sex ratio is great as it 1025 female per male. The literacy rate is 67.41%. The district has 2 revenue divisions with 24 mandals. In 2006 Indian government listed Khammam as one of the backward districts from a list of total 250 backward districts in India. Still, it is receiving fund from Indian government as it is still receiving the fund. Transportation of this district is good. Many people here follow Buddism. Mainly they speak Telugu and Hindi. Climate is moderate only. There are many schools and colleges here. Specially pharmacy college, MBA, MCA, and Engineering colleges.

Mandals in Khammam District Telangana State

Khammam Urban Khammam Rural Tirumalayapalem
Kusumanchi Nelakondapalli Bonakal
Chintakani Mudigonda Konijerla
Singareni Kamepally Madhira
Yerrupalem Wyra Raghunadhapalem *
Sattupally Vemsoor Penuballi
Kalluru Thallada Enkoor

Khammam District with Mandals

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