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Mahabubnagar District with Mandals in Telangana State: This location was known as "Palamooru" and "Rukmammapeta." On December 4th, 1890, the name was changed to Mahabubnagar in honour of Hyderabad's Nizam Mir Mahbub Ali Khan Asaf Jah VI (1869-1911 AD). Since 1883 A.D., it has served as the district's administrative centre. The area around Mahabubnagar was called Cholawadi, or "the land of the Cholas." People say that the famous "KOHINOOR" diamond and other Golconda diamonds came from the Mahabubnagar district.

The renowned Golconda gems, including the famous "KOHINOOR" diamond, are supposed to have originated in the Mahabubnagar area.

Mahabubnagar District

Mahaboobnagar district is geographically situated near the southernmost point of Telangana. Karnataka State, Kurnool District, Nalgonda District, and Rangareddy District are located in the west, south, east, and north, respectively. The two well-known rivers, Tungabhadra and Krishna, converge in this area.

Mahabubnagar District has 15 mandals and 1 revenue division (Mahabubnagar). Mahabubnagar District Contains 316 villages. Below the table, we have listed all the mandals in Mahabubnagar District.

Mahabubnagar District Mandals in Telangana State

Addakal Balanagar Bhoothpur
Chinna Chinta Kunta Devarakadra Gandeed
Hanwada Jadcherla Koilkonda
Mahabubnagar(Rural) Mahabubnagar(Urban) Midjil
Moosapet Nawabpet Rajapur

Mahabubnagar District Mandals in Telangana State

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