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Nagarkurnool District with Mandals in Telangana State: On October 11, 2016, Telangana's Nagarkurnool District was established as a part of Mahabubnagar District. The town has a long history and served as a district capital during the Nizam's reign. Telangana's Nagarkurnool is a city. The history of Nagarkurnool spans more than 500 years. According to one version of the legend, the brothers who ruled over what is now Nagarkurnool and its surroundings, Kings Nagana and Kandana, gave the city its name. Southeast of Nagarkurnool, about a kilometre away, is the settlement of Naganool, which bears Nagana's name. for the past 110 to 120 years.

Nagarkurnool District

The district has 20 Mandals and 358 Villages. Nagarkurnool, Achampet, Kalwakurthy, and Kollapur are 4 divisions in Nagarkurnool District. We have listed all the mandals of Nagarkurnool District in the below table.

Nagarkurnool District Mandals Telangana State

Nagarkurnool Bijinapally Tadoor
Thimmajipet Telkapally Peddakothapally
Kollapur Pentlavelli Kodair
Padara Lingala Balmoor
Uppununtala Achampet Amrabad
Kalwakurty Veldanda Vangoor
Charakonda Urkonda

Nagarkurnool District Mandals Telangana State

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