Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary in Medak District

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is located 15 Km from Medak and 115 Km from Hyderabad, it is one of the most popular sanctuaries in the Telangana state. It is the significant habitat of a large number of residents as well as migratory birds and spreading over 20 sq-km. The total area of the forest covers around 3568 sq-km.

Pocharam forest is a mixed dry deciduous forest with patches of scrub and grassy plains. Terrain undulating with low hills and small water pools.

Pocharam Forest was the favourite hunting ground of the Nizam and declared it as a wild life sanctuary in the early part of 20th century. Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is named after the Pocharam lake formed from bonding of the Allair in the year 1916-1922, it is spread over 9.12 Sq Km. It is surrounded by lush green forest, it is rich in flora and fauna and attracts a lot of Migrating birds, like the Bar-Headed Goose, Brahminy Bucks and Open Billed Stork.

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary in Medak

There are nine small islands which together forms this Wildlife Sanctuary between the Manjira and Singur barrages, which is home to a number of residents and migratory birds in addition to Marsh Crocodiles and Muggers.

The Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary includes large verities of Flora and Fauna species, Pistia, Hydrilla, Eichornia and Vallisneria are the plants commonly found in water. Fishes of various species like Catla, Rahu, Murrel, Ech Paten, Karugu, Chidwa and reptiles like Monitor Lizards, Fresh Water Turtles, Cobra and Marsh Crocodiles can be seen here.

The different species of birds found here are Painted Storks, Herons, Coots, Teals, Cormorants, Pochards, Black and White Ibises, Spoon Bills, and Open Billed Storks, etc.

The Pocharam Wildlife sanctuary is home to animals like Leopard, Forest Cat, Wild Dog, Wolf, Hyena, Jackal, Sloth Bear, Panther, Sambar, Nilgai, Chinkara, Chital, Chowsingha, and Four horned Antelope.

There is a center for Eco-Tourism where visitors can see five species of Antelopes and Deer. Boats are in operation to take the visitors around the sanctuary for bird watching. Binoculars and books on identification of birds are also available. The films of birds and animals are also shown every day on 16mm projector. An Environmental Education Centre with a museum, a library, and an auditorium is located here. It helps in educating the visitors about nature conservation and maintenance of ecological balance.

The temperature in summer goes up to 46oc & in winter it drops to 6oc. The best time to visit the Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary is during the month of October to May. The vast Pocharam Lake adjoining the Pocharam Sanctuary makes it a place worth visiting.

Accommodation can be easily afforded by the tourists as the place is very near Hyderabad and the tourists can stay at hotels or lodges in Hyderabad, Sangareddy and Sadashivpet. They can also stay at Inspection bungalow at Pocharam and Medak and also in Forest rest house at Medak.

Visitors can easily reach Pocharam Wildlife sanctuary, it is 115-km from Hyderabad, which is well connected by road. It is at a distance of 29 km from Mecharia, which is the nearest town to the sanctuary. There are regular bus services that connect Medak with cities like Hyderabad, Nizamabad and Karimnagar.

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