Sangareddy District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State

Sangareddy District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State: SangaReddy District is the new district in Telangana State. It is one of the districts in the 31 districts of Telangana state. Sangareddy is separated from the Medak district and was created as a new district on 11-Oct-2016. The district is located in the north region of Telangana State. Sangareddy (Former: sangareddy peta) is the district's headquarters in Sangareddy District.

Sangareddy District

Sangareddy District with Mandals 

It has 3 Revenue Divisions (Narayankhed, Sangareddy, and Zaheerabad ) subdivided into 26 Mandals. Sangareddy is located nearer to the state capital of Hyderabad. The distance from Sanagareddy to BHEL is just 30 kilometres. Patanchervu is a town in the Sangareddy district. Patanchervu is very well Popular in the Industrial area. Many Big Industrial companies are there in the patanchervu. Zaheerabad is the Second largest town in the Sangareddy District.

Singur Reservoir and Jarasangam Ketaki Sangameshwaralayam are tourist attractions in this district.

Tourist Places in Sangareddy District

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations Places in the Sangareddy District are the Manjeera Wildlife Sanctuary, Singoor Project, Manjeera Reservoir and Kondapur Museum.


Mandals in SangaReddy Districts

We have listed all the 28 mandals of Sangareddy District below table:

Sangareddy Kandi Kondapur
Sadasivpet Patancheru Ameenpur
Ramchandrapuram Munipally Jinnaram
Gummadidala Hathnoora Andole
Vatpally Choutakur Pulkal
Zaheerabad Mogudampally Nyalkal
Jharasangam Kohir Raikode
Narayankhed Kangti Kalher
Sirgapoor Manoor Nagilgidda

Sangareddy District with Mandals and Tourist Places

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