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Bagalkot District With Talukas in Karnataka State: Bagalakote or Bagalkot is a district of India in Karnataka state. And we all have an idea that Karnataka is a very beautiful state. It is one of the major towns in North Karnataka. It is surrounded by Belgaum district in the west, Bijapur district and Gulbarga district to the north and northeast, Raichur district to the east and Koppal district, Gadag district and Dharwad district to the southeast, south, and southwest respectively. Bagalkot is divided into three parts as of now. These are Navanagar, Vidyagiri, and the old Bagalakote town. Bagalakote is situated on the bank of the river Ghataprabha. It has an average elevation of 533meters (1749 feet). The climate is warm and dry throughout the year and rainfall is scare. It has nine taluks which are further divided into hoblies. This district is also rich in mineral wealth. Common rock types in the district include greenstone, quartzite, sandstone and limestone. Mostly we can find black soil in this district. Ravi and Jowar are the primarily cultivated crops in the Bagalkot district. Also, groundnut, cotton, maize, bajra, wheat, sugarcane, and tobacco.

Bagalkot District

Bagalkot District With Talukas in Karnataka State

This district has a population of 1,890,826 as it was counted in the 2011 census. It has a sex ratio of 984 females per 1000 males. The literacy rate of the district is 57.3% which is higher than the national level. The literacy rate at the national is 52%. Bagalkot has many famous educational institutions available in the district. We can almost find the college for every course available like Engineering, MBBS, Pharmacy etc. So students do not need to go outside for education purposes. Many festivals including Holi, Diwali etc. ere celebrated here with great enthusiasm. The transport facility is also very great in the district. Either it is by Railway, Road etc. So overall Bagalkot is a great district in Karnataka with some great resources and many facilities for its people.

Talukas in Bagalkot District

Jamkhandi Badami Hungund
Mudhol Bagalkot Bilgi

The Bagalkot District  has 6 talukas in karnataka state. Talukas are Jamkhandi taluka, Badami taluka,Hungund  taluka , Mudhol taluka, Bagalkot  taluka , Bilgi taluka .

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