Bangalore Urban District With Talukas in Karnataka State

Bangalore Urban District in Karnataka State: In Karnataka, there are 30 districts. Bangalore Urban is one of the districts in Karnataka state. Bangalore Urban is surrounded by Bangalore Rural on the east and north, the Ramanagara district on the west and Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu on the south. Bengaluru Urban district came into existence in 1986 when Bangalore was divided into two parts namely as Bangalore Urban and Bangalore Rural. This district has four taluks. The city of Bengaluru is situated in Bengaluru Urban district. Electronic city the pride of India and hub of Bengaluru information technology companies is situated in Bangalore Urban district.This district has a population of around 10 lakhs as 2011 census. Sex ratio is 908 females per 1000 males which are the lowest in the state. The climate here is moderate. In summer it receives a good amount of sunlight and in winter it is not very cold. In rainy season lot of rains, you can enjoy in Bangalore. The lowest average temperature here is 16-18 degrees Celsius. The literacy rate of this district is awesome. The literacy rate is around 88.43% in Bengaluru Urban district.

Bangalore Urban District

Bangalore Urban District

Bengaluru Urban district is a beautiful place to live and to enjoy your life. As we all know that almost all the IT engineers settle in Bangalore only these days. Bengaluru is one of the top most cities in India which comes under Bengaluru Urban district.There are many temples situated in this district. Mainly Shri Vishnu and Lord Shiva has a lot of temples by their names. Mostly in here, people speaks Kannada, Hindi, and English language. Kannada is the language of Karnataka. So overall it is a nice district. But because of Bengaluru main town, this district has got a lot of importance in Karnataka and all over India.

Bangalore Urban District

Talukas in Bangalore Urban District

Bangalore Anekal
Bangalore North Bangalore South
Bangalore East


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