Narayanpet District With Mandals & Tourist Places in Telangana State

Narayanpet District With Mandals & Tourist Places in Telangana State: Narayanpet is a town, a mandal, and a revenue division in the Indian state of Telangana. It is in the newly formed Narayanapet District. It is 165 km from Hyderabad, which is the state capital. Telangana's Narayanpet district is known for its beautiful and unique cotton handloom and silk sarees.

Narayanpet district is at the southern end of Telangana State in terms of geography. Karnataka is in the west, the districts of Nagarkurnool and Wanaparthy are in the south, Mahabubnagar is in the east, and Vikarabad is in the north. The Bhima River called the "Tribute to Krishna," joins the River at Tangidi Village in the Maganoor Mandal District. This is how the Krishna River gets into Telangana. In this District, we can find the Ancient Historical Rivers on the riverbanks and elsewhere. On the bank of the Krishna River, we can find sites from both the Old Stone Age and the New Stone Age.

Narayanpet District


History of Narayanpet District

Since the 6th century B.C., "Narayanapeta" has been in the Palamoor area. Later, the Nandas, Mouryas, Sathavahanas, Ikshwakas, Vishnukundinas, Badami Chalukyas, Kanduri Chodas, Kakatiyas, Yadavas of Devagiri, Cheruku kings, Vavilala kings, Munusuri Dynasty, Bahamani Sultans, Vijayanagara Kings, Recharla Padmanayakas, Since the year 1883 AD, Narayanapeta has been the district's main town.
People say the famous "KOHINOOR" diamond and other Golconda diamonds came from the NARAYANPET district.

Tourist Places in Narayanpet District

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Narayanpet District are: Sri Padamati Anjaneya Swamy Temple .

Mandals in Narayanpet District

The district is divided into 11 mandals and one revenue division, Narayanapet. We have listed mandals in the below table.

Damargidda Dhanwada Kosgi
Krishna Maddur Maganur
Makthal Marikal Narayanpet
Narva Utkur

Narayanpet District With Mandals & Tourist Places

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