How to change your mobile number in Digilocker app? Step By Step Process

How to change your mobile number in the Digi locker app? Step By Step Process: DigiLocker, commonly referred to as a digital locker, is a digital document wallet supported by the Government of India that enables you to store and access physical documents. The Digilocker app allows you to save and access actual documents, including driver's licences, voter ID cards, PAN cards, and policy documents. After creating a Digilocker account, you can upload and store the files safely. Your Aadhaar number is connected to the cloud storage space you have acquired.

How to change your mobile number in Digilocker app

The digital locker has a way to check the online "authenticity" of the documents in an endeavour to replace the use of authentic papers. This enables the exchange of electronic documents between government entities. The mobile number associated with your Digilocker account and your Aadhaar card may be changed or modified at any time. Below we have provided Complete the steps: "How To Change Mobile Number In Digilocker App". 

Steps to change your mobile number in the Digi locker app

1) Open the Digilocker app on your Mobile Phone (Android or IOS).

2) Enter your 6-digit security code after logging in to your account with your username.

3) Click on "my profile", which is in the top Right Corner. After Clicking on it will open the below page. Click on the Edit button, which is shown on the below screen.

digilocker myprofile

4) After Clicking on it. It will redirect to the "Update Mobile" screen. Enter your new mobile number. Which do you want to update in DigiLocker and click on Continue. (Below Screenshot)

mobile number change digilocker

5) On the page below, it shows the OTP box. Enter the OTP which you will receive to your new mobile Number. Click on the "Update Mobile". Then your New mobile will be updated in your Digilocker Account.

mobile number change digilocker

Your Digilocker account will be notified via a confirmation message that the mobile number has changed.

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