How to Add Nominee to DigiLocker Account? Here are the Steps

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How to Add Nominee to DigiLocker Account? Here are the Steps: Does your phone have the DigiLocker app? You should already know that you can use the app to access important documents like your Aadhaar card anytime, anywhere. You can also legally authenticate documents the same way as the originals and do much more. DigiLocker users can now even add Nominee to their accounts. All you have to do is log in to your account and follow the few easy steps below.

Add Nominee to DigiLocker Account

How to Add Nominee to DigiLocker Account

DigiLocker tweeted the same thing, "Users of #DigiLocker are in for a treat! Your DigiLocker account can now include #Nominee. Just follow a few easy steps to add a nominee to your DigiLocker account. Go to right now to sign up for DigiLocker." A nominee is someone whose name you give so they can take care of your things and belongings after you die. Usually, nominee information is needed for bank accounts, PF accounts, insurance policies, etc.


If you don't use DigiLocker, you should know that it is a Ministry of Electronics and IT (MeitY) project under the Digital India programme. The goal of DigiLocker is to give citizens "digital empowerment" by giving them access to authentic digital documents in their digital document wallet.


Steps to add Nominee to your DiGiLocker account

Step 1: Sign Up on DigiLocker. DigiLocker is easy to sign up for; all you need is your mobile number or Aadhaar number. For 2-Factor authentication, an OTP will be sent to your phone or Aadhaar number, and then you will set your security PIN. This makes a DigiLocker account for you.

Step 2: Go to Menu and pick Nominee from the list. Click on Add Nominee.

Step 3: Then, you'll have to fill in all the necessary information about your nominee and click "Submit."

Step 4: Now, enter the one-time password (OTP) that was sent to your mobile number and click "Submit."

Step 5: You're done now! Your DigiLocker account has successfully added Nominee.

How to Add Nominee to DigiLocker Account? Here are the Steps

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