How to Check CIBIL Score Online With UMANG App - Follow These Easy Steps

How to Check CIBIL Score Online With UMANG App - Follow These Easy Steps: A credit score, also called a CIBIL score, is a three-digit number that shows how credit worthy you are. The CIBIL score can be between 300 and 900, with 900 being the best. This number shows how well you keep track of your credit. This number helps lenders figure out if you'll be able to pay back the loan in the time you're given. The better your score, the more likely you will get a loan or credit card.

CIBIL Score Online With UMANG App

This number is given to you by a credit company. It is based on your credit history and mix, among several other factors. The CIBIL score is calculated and made based on the credit information that lenders give about a customer every month. However, if you have been diligent with your EMI and credit card bill instalments and have not shown any credit hungry behaviour by often requesting credit, your credit score will tend to rise. In this article, we have provided "How to Check CIBIL Score Online With UMANG App". Read the complete steps to check the CIBIL Score Using the UMANG App.

How does CIBIL score work?

The range of credit scores in India is from 300 to 900. It is further broken down into categories like "bad CIBIL score" (550 or less), "poor CIBIL score" (550–649), "average CIBIL score" (650–699), "good CIBIL score" (700–749), and "excellent CIBIL score" (750–900). Please keep in mind that these splits are just examples and may change.

CIBIL Score Creditworthiness
550 and below Bad
550 - 649 Poor
650 - 699 Average
700 - 749 Good
750 - 900 Excellent

Steps to Check CIBIL Score Online With UMANG App

Below are the steps to check CIBIL Score Online by using UMANG App: 

1) Download the UMANG App from Google Play Store:

2) Register the UMANG app by using your Mobile Number and ticking on "I agree to the terms and conditions", and clicking on the Register button.

UMANG app register

3) After Registering on the UMANG App. Just click on Login and Enter Your Mobile Number and MPIN. Click on Login. 

UMANG App Login

4) Click on CIBIL Tab Under Popular Services.


5) Click on the "Know your CIBIL Score"

6) Then it redirects to the "Know your CIBIL Score" Screen. Enter your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, PAN Card Number and Email Id. Click on the "Submit" button.

Know your CIBIL Score

7) You receive OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter OTP and Submit.
8) Then your CIBIL Score will display on the Screen.

CIBIL Score 

How to Check CIBIL Score Online With the UMANG App

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