How to Check Your Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

How to Check Your Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status Online: Customers can apply for an Axis Bank credit card online or offline. After applying, they can track the status of their application on the Axis Bank website using the provided application number. This ensures a transparent and informed experience, allowing them to stay updated on their credit card request's progress.


Steps to Check Your Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

To check your Axis Bank credit card application status online, you have two simple options: 

1) Use your Application Reference Number (App ID) provided upon submission to track your application's progress on the bank's website.
2) Alternatively, you can provide your PAN card and registered mobile number to access your application status.

These user-friendly options make it easy to stay informed about your application's progress, ensuring a hassle-free and worry-free process.

Using the Application Number and Mobile Number

The Application ID is a unique identifier for Axis Bank credit card applications, with 9 digits for physical and 20 digits for online applications. Axis Bank sends this ID via SMS or email to the contact details provided during the application. To track your application status, follow these steps once you have the Application ID. 

1) Visit the Axis Bank Credit Card Track your application page.

2) Select the "App ID" option. Enter your Application Reference Number in the required field.
3) Click on "Track Now." The screen will promptly display the status of your Axis Bank credit card application.

By following these steps, you can simply track the status of your credit card application, keeping you up to date on its present state.

Using the PAN and Mobile Number

Follow these steps to track your Axis Bank credit card application.  

1) Go to the official Axis Bank Credit Card application tracking page
2) Choose the 'PAN No / Mobile No' option.

3) Enter your PAN and mobile numbers accurately, ensuring they match the details you provided in the application form.
4) Enter Captcha, which is shown at the bottom.
4) Click the 'Track Now' button.

After you click 'Track Now,' the page will quickly reload and show your credit card application's current status if the entered information matches the records. If you see 'no records found,' double-check the details and try again. If the status remains unchanged, you might need to wait for the bank's information update. Possible status outcomes include 'in progress,' 'on hold,' 'approved,' 'dispatched,' or 'rejected.' Following these steps lets you easily stay informed about your Axis Bank credit card application's progress.


Through Customer Care

If online methods are not available, you can inquire about your Axis Bank credit card application status by calling the Axis Bank credit card department. You can use Axis Bank's phone banking services by dialling 1860-419-5555 or 1860-500-5555. If you are calling from outside India, use the number +91-22-67987700. These phone numbers allow you to directly speak to a representative who will assist you with your credit card application query.


Check Your Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status Offline

You can visit a nearby Axis Bank branch or contact customer service to inquire about your credit card application status. It's important to have your application ID on hand for this. Axis Bank staff will efficiently assist you and provide the latest updates on your application by using this unique identifier. Contact a nearby branch or customer service to get the needed status information.


How to Check Your Axis Bank Credit Card Application Status Online

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