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How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online in Punjab: Do you want to get a birth certificate in Punjab online? The birth certificate is a very important record of a person's birth. A birth certificate is an important piece of paper that lets you use many services that the Indian government offers its people. It is important to get a Birth Certificate because it proves a person's date of birth for many things, such as getting the right to vote, getting into schools and the government service, claiming the right to marry at the legal age, settling inheritance and property rights, and getting government-issued identification documents like a driver's licence or passport. Here's how to apply for a birth certificate in Punjab.

Birth Certificate Online in Punjab

How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online in Punjab

The Registration of Births and Deaths Act of 1969 says that every Live Birth or Still Birth in India has to be registered within 21 days.

Documents required:

The following are the documents required for applying for the birth certificate in Punjab
1) Ration Card / Voter ID /Electricity bill/ Phone bill as address proof
2) 2 passport size photos of the applicant
3) Voter ID card, college or school ID of the applicant
4) Parent’s Birth Certificate
5) Parent’s identity proofs for verification (Aadhar Card / Election Card)
6) Residential address at the time of birth
7) Name of Hospital and Address

Steps to apply for the birth certificate:

The following is the procedure to apply for the birth certificate online in Punjab
1) Visit the official website of Punjab
2) Click on ‘issuance of Birth certificate’ of your respective area, Urban/rural
3) Download the application form from the above link
4) Fill all the details in the application form completely without any mistakes
5) Attach all the relevant documents to the application form
6) Then submit the form in the Gram panchayat in the rural area and in the Municipality corporation in the Urban area

How to Apply for Birth Certificate Online in Punjab

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