Bammera Pothana in Jangaon District of Telangana State : How to Reach & Timings

Bammera Pothana in Jangaon District of Telangana State - How to Reach & Timings: Indian Telugu poet (1450–1510) is best known for translating the Bhagavata Purana from Sanskrit to Telugu. He was smart about both Telugu and Sanskrit. Pothana Bhagavatam is what most people in Telugu call his work, Andhra Maha Bhagavatamu.

Pothana was born into a Niyogi Brahmin family in the village of Bammera in the district of Jangaon in Telangana. His parents were Kesana and Lakkamamba. People thought he was a "Sahaja Kavi," which means he was a natural poet who didn't need a teacher. He was known for being very polite, and he worked as a farmer. He was a very smart person, but he never hesitated to work in the fields.

Bammera Pothana

Bammera Pothana in Jangaon District

Bhogini Dhandakam is a poem written to praise Bhogini, the wife of King Sri Singa Bhoopala. This was his first poem, showing him how good he would be as a poet. Bhogini Dhandakam is the oldest Dhandaka that is available in Telugu. A Dhandaka is a rhapsody that uses the same gana or foot the whole time. His second book was called Virabhadhra Vijayamu. It told the story of Lord Virabhadhra, an element of Lord Shiva, and his adventures. The main idea was that Daksha Prajapathi destroyed the "Daksha Yagna" without Lord Siva's help.

How to Reach:

By Air:

The closest airport to Jangaon is in Hyderabad, which is 80 km away.

By Train:

The nearest train station is in Jangaon, which is 25 km away.

By Road:

Many Buses and Taxis are available to reach the place.

Bammera Pothana in Jangaon District of Telangana State

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