Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, Srirangapuram in Wanaparthy District

Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, Srirangapuram in Wanaparthy District: The Sri Ranganayakaswamy Temple is in the Wanaparthy District town of Srirangapur. In the 18th century A.D., the Sri RanganayakaSwamyTemple was built.
Krishnadevaraya, the ruler of Vijayanagar, is said to have gone to Srirangam and been amazed by the Sri Ranganayakaswamy Temple there. He wanted to build a temple for the god Ranganayakaswamy in his kingdom. Later, Lord Vishnu (Ranganayaka) came to the king in a dream and told him that his idol was in the kingdom and that an eagle would lead him there. The next day, Krishnadevaraya followed the eagle and found the Lord's idol between the Kothakota and Kanvayapally mountains. Near RatnaPushkariniLake, the king built the SriRanganayakaswamyTemple. The temple is a great example of the architecture of Vijayanagar. The Rajas of Wanaparthi Samsthanam built the temple on the edge of Ratna Pushpakarini lake.

Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple

Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple

This place is essential to the whole country. People from Karnataka (Gulbarga, Raichur, and Sindanur, near the destination), Tamil Nadu, and Maharashtra have been going to the place.
The Temple is run by Sri J. Krishnadeva Rao, who is in charge of the Sri Krishnadevaraya Group of Temples. The temples are Vanaparthy, Peddagudem, Rajanagaram, Kanaipalle, and Kothapeta.
The authority does a lot of weddings at the temple for people who live in the village and the villages/mandals around it. This comes out to about 300 weddings a year. On average, about 500 people show up to each wedding. Tonsure ceremonies are also held at the temple; on average, there are about 1,000 of them each year. During Navaratrulu, more than 20,000 tourists visit every day for 9 days. The temple staff celebrates "Kotai Vutsavalu" for a month during the Sankranthi Festival. On average, more than 5,000 tourists visit the temple every day during this time. A festival called "Rathotsavam" is held at the temple for 15 days in March. On average, more than 20,000 tourists visit this place of interest daily. During Sravana Masam, the average number of tourists is more than 5,000 daily. This is because the temple is near a body of water.
During the summer, winter, and school and college breaks, there are a lot of tourists at the temple for about two to three months. On average, about 2,000 people visit this place every summer, winter, and vacation holiday.

Temple Timings:

6:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM


How To Reach:

By Air:
The closest airport is the Shamshabad-Rajiv Gandhi International Airport in Hyderabad. It's 120 kilometres away. 

By Train:
One can get on the train and travel 40 km to the Gadwal station. One can take public transportation from the station to get to the temple. 

By Road:
From Pebber or Wanaparthy, you can get to the Ranganayaka Swamy Temple. About 10 km from Pebber and 25 km from Wanaparthy is where the temple. You can get to the other places from Kollapur, which is 25 km away, and from Hyderabad, which is 160 km away. About 100 km separate the town of Mahabubnagar from the temple.

Sri Ranganayaka Swamy Temple, Srirangapuram in Wanaparthy District

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