HDFC Bank Whats App services - How to register, check account balance and more

HDFC Bank Whats App services - How to register, check account balance and more: Banking has never been this easy, and the fact that most big banks now offer the most basic banking services on Whats App is a massive relief for customers.

"Smart Chat Assist, 90+ Banking Services, Intuitive AI, and a whole lot more are now in the palm of your hand with the all-new HDFC Bank chat banking on Whats App," the bank said in a recent tweet. So, stop by and say "Hi" at 7070022222 for a super friendly banking experience!"

HDFC Bank WhatsApp services

HDFC Bank Whats App services

How to register for HDFC Bank Whats App Banking

1) Send "Hi" or "Register" in WhatsApp from your bank-registered phone number to 7070022222, and you will be guided through the registration process. Save the number 7070022222 for Chat Banking in your contacts. Enter the last four digits of your customer ID, and a one-time password will be sent to your registered phone number. 

2) After you sign up, you can choose one of the following.
  • Account Services: Balance of the account, a mini statement, a summary of the last account statement, and questions about cheques.
  • Card related: Outstanding credit card balance, previous statements, information about collected reward points, and current credit limit.
  • Bank related: Important news, messages from regulators, payment alerts from the bank, and questions about the IFSC code.
  • Fixed Deposits: FD Summary
  • Miscellaneous: Information about pre-approved loan offers, IFSC codes, car and home loan documents, etc.
3) Click on "Account Services" to look at your balance, transactions, and other similar things. The following services and more services can be found under the same.

HDFC Bank Whats App services

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