Telangana MLC Voter Registration Online - How to Apply & Elgibility Criteria

Telangana MLC Voter Registration Online: In Telangana state, Assembly and Parliament elections are held at the same time as MLC elections. The process and steps for MLC elections differ slightly from those for Parliament and Assembly. But in these elections, only citizens who have graduated can vote. Graduates can fill out form-18 of the state's Election commission to register to vote for the MLC online.

Like all the other states, Telangana's election commission wants all voters to register online for MLC elections. Now, citizens can register online through the Telangana Chief Election Commission's official website.

Eligibility for Telangana MLC voter registration

  1. The applicant must reside within the relevant graduate's electoral district.
  2. Must have earned a degree at least three years previous to November 1, 2022.
  3. The most recent photo in passport size must be included with the application.
  4. List of Degree / Diploma Certificates / Marks or other education-related certifications must be attached to the application and attested by a designated officer / gazetted officer/notary public officer.
  5. Former graduate voters must reapply as well.
  6. The old voter's list is not valid.

Documents Required For MLC voter registration

  1. Two passport-size photos
  2. Mobile number
  3. Aadhaar card Xerox
  4. General Voter ID Card Xerox
  5. Convocation or Provisional Certificate of Degree passed

How to Apply for Telangana MLC Voter Registration Online

1) Citizens must first visit the official website of the Telangana CEO to apply online for MLC voter registration.

Telangana MLC Voter Registration

2) The homepage launches. Now pick Form-18 from the council's constituency by clicking on E-registration.
3) A new page is displayed on which the applicant must complete the registration form.
4) Enter the district and constituency for graduates first. Additionally, include the applicant's information, including name, surname, relationship type, relation name, date of birth, gender, level of education, and job title.
5) Additionally, submit the complete address, including the district, an assembly constituency, epic number, voting place, and SI number, in the police station.
6) information about the graduation year, and the name of the university, and submit all of the certificates and photo supporting documents.
7) Select "my name has been included in the electoral roll for this or any other constituency" after providing the necessary documents.
8) Finally, choose the submit option after choosing the district and constituency, mobile number, and email address.

How to Apply for Telangana MLC Voter Registration Online

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