Annamayya District - Overview of Annamayya District in Andhra Pradesh State

Annamayya District - Overview of Annamayya District in Andhra Pradesh State: Andhra Pradesh state now can boast of having 26 districts. The government recently formed 13 new districts from the existing 13 districts, taking 26. Annamayya district is one of the new states formed and is located in the Rayalaseema region. Rayachoti is the headquarters of the district. The largest cities in the district include Madanapalle, Rayachoti, Rajampet, Pileru and Railway Kodur.

Annamayya District

Annamayya District area is 7,951 square kilometres. There are 3 revenue divisions, 32 mandals and as per the 2011 census, the population of this region is 16,97,308. Rural population is 13,05,797 and urban population is 3,91,511. The density population of the district is 213 per square kilometres.

Overview of Annamayya District

Annamayya district, a new district in Andhra Pradesh is formed from the Madanapalle revenue division which is in the Chittoor district and Rajampeta revenue division and Rayachoti revenue division. The last division is formed from the Kadapa district. Thus the Annamayya district has these three divisions. The literacy rate of the district is said to be 64.53%. Cheyyeru River flows in the district. Bonnet monkeys, panthers, mongoose, jackals, fox, wolves, wild dogs and bears can be seen in the district.

Annamayya district has one parliamentary constituency namely Rajampet and six assembly constituencies – Rajampet, Kodur, Rayachoti, Thamballapalle, Madanapalle and Pileru. Boundaries of the district re YSR Kadapa district in the north, Chittoor district in the South, Anantapur in the west and Nellore in the east.

History of Annamayya District

Annamayya district was named after the famous devotee of Lord Venkateshwara, Sri Tallapaka Annamacharya. The district now has three revenue divisions – Rajampeta, Rayachoti and Madanapalle which was a part of the Chittoor district earlier.
In Rajampeta revenue divisions, Kodur, Penagalur, Chitvel, Pullampeta, Obulavaripalli, Rajampeta, Nandalur, Veeraballi, T Sundupalli mandals, the last two were under Kadapa district earlier. Rayachoti revenue division has Rayachoti, Sambepalli, Chinnamnadyam, Gurram Konda, Piler, Ramapuram, Lakkireddy Palli, Gaviveedu, Chinnamandyam, Kabamvaripalli and Kalakada. Madanapalli revenue division has Madanapalli, Nimmanapalli, RAmasamudram, Valmikipuram, Kalikiri, Beerangi Kothakota, Pedda Tippa Samudram, Kurabalakota, Pedda Mandyam, Mulakala Cheruvu and Thamballapalli mandal.

Tourist Places in Annamayya District

Tourist Places include the popular Kodanda Ramasamy Temple at Vontimitta. Seshachalam forest is also a part of this new district. Tallapaka, the birth village of Annamacharya is a village located 6 km from Rajampeta. Siddeswara and Chennakesava temples and TTD dhyanamandir are the main attractions here. Nandaluru and Attirala are other places that can be visited.

Mandals in Annamayya District

Madanapalle Nimmanapalle Ramasamudram
Thamballapalle Mulakolacheruvu Peddamandyam
Kurabalakota Peddathippasamudram B.Kothakota
Allkiri Vayalpad Kodur
Penagalur Chitvel Pullampeta
Obulavaripalle Rajampet Sidhout
Vontimitta Nandalur Veeraballe
T.Sundupalle Rayachoti Sambepalle
Chinnamandem Galiveedu Lakkireddipalli
Ramapuram Pileru Gurramkonda
Kalakada K.V.Palle

Annamayya District - Overview of Annamayya District in Andhra Pradesh State

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