Anakapalli District With New Mandals in Andhra Pradesh State

Anakapalli District With Mandals in Andhra Pradesh State: Anakapalli is one of the 13 new districts of Andhra Pradesh. Earlier it was a municipality under the Visakhapatnam district. Anakapalli district now has two revenue divisions, namely Anakapalli and Narsipatnam. These two revenue divisions are divided into 25 mandals. There are two municipalities and 8 towns. Elamanchili and Narsipaatnm are the two municipalities, and Bowluvda, Chodavaram, Kantabamsugudaa, Mulakuddu, Nakkapalle, Narsipatnam, Pedda Boddepalle, Payakaraaopeta are the eight census towns. There is one parliamentary constituency – Anakapalli and 7 assembly constituencies – Anakapalle, Chodavaram, Elamanchili, Madugula, Narsipatnam, Payakaraopet and Pendurthi.

Anakapalli District


Overview of Anakapalli District

Anakapalli District area is 4411 square kilometres. There are two revenue divisions. The total number of mandals in the Anakapalli district is 25. The number of municipal corporations is 1, and the number of municipalities is 2. There are 753 villages in the district. According to the 2011 census, the population of the district is 1873648.

History of Anakapalli District

Anakapalli is at a distance of 34 kilometres from Visakhapatnam. Anakapalli municipality was a part of the Visakhapatnam district. It is now made a separate district with its headquarters at Anakapalli. Earlier, this region was ruled by different dynasties such as Kalinga, Chedi, Eastern Ganga Dynasty, Gajapati kingdom, Kakatiya and Qutub shahis. This is located on the banks of river Sarada. Aanakpalli was also called as Anankapalli, Vijayapuri, Veniapalli, Bellampatnam and Kanakapuri. Prominent leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Ambedkar visited this lace during the freedom struggle.

Tourist Places in Anakapalli District

There are many exciting tourist Places in and around Anakapalli. A must visit place for nature lovers is the Kondakarla Ava bird sanctuary. Visitors can enjoy the vegetation, birds, hills and fresh air.
Sri Nookambica Ammavari temple is another place visited by devotees not only from Andhra Pradesh but from Orissa, Telangana and West Bengal. A month long jathara is held, and this begins on a day before Ugadi, the Telugu new year.
Tourists also visit the Panchadarla village, where there is a natural perennial spring. There is a lingam on which many small lingams are carved. This is called the Kotilingam. Baligattam is another important place, and this is situated on the bank of the Varaha river. There is Brahma Lingeswara Temple. Lord Brahma is believed to have built this temple, and it faces west. The river Varaha is believed to have been created by Lord Vishnu when he took the boar form. The river flows from north to south, and due to all these unique features, the place is considered very sacred, and a large number of devotees visit the place.

Mandals in Anakapalli District

Madugula Cheedikda Devarapalle
K.Kotapadu Anakapalle Kasimkota
Yelamanchili Rambilli Munagapaka
Atchutapuram Butchayyapeta Chodavaram
Pendurthi Paravada Sabbavaram
Narisipatnam Golugonda Makavarapalem
Nathavaram Nakkapalli Payakaraopeta
Kotauratla S.Rayavaram Ravikamatham

Anakapalli District - New Mandals in Andhra Pradesh State

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