Taali Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka State - How to apply, Eligibility and Benefits

Taali Bhagya Scheme 2020-21 in Karnataka State - How to apply, Eligibility and Benefits:  Marriage is an important part of life. But poor parents cannot afford to get their children married for the lack of money. There are many Hindu families that want to follow the numerous traditions related to Hindu tradition when it comes to marriage but making the arrangements is not easy. Karnataka Taali Bhagya scheme is one of the welfare schemes for Hindus offered by the government of Karnataka in which financial assistance is given for the marriages that take place in temples.

Taali Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka State

Eligibility for Taali Bhagya Scheme

To be eligible for the Taali Bhagya Scheme, the applicants must be residents of Karnataka. They must be Hindus. The bride must complete 18 years and the bridegroom must complete 21 years. Consent of the parents for the marriage is a must. They must be present at the wedding, otherwise, they will not be eligible for the benefits. The applicants must hold a bank account.

Benefits of Taali Bhagya Scheme

  1. Under the Karnataka Taali Bhagya scheme, poor will families will give the needy families funding for marriage.
  2. The brides will be given Rs. 10,000 in cash
  3. Rs. 5,000 will be deposited in the bank account of the bridegroom.
  4. Since the assistance is for those who get married in the mass marriage ritual arranged in temples, there will be a less financial burden on the families of the bride and bridegroom.
The mass marriage will be performed by the state government in the selected temples. The scheme is to benefit one thousand couples. Temples will also contribute to the marriages. The temples will give Taali to the bride which will cost Rs. 40,000. Those who are interested in avail the benefits of the scheme must apply one month before the mass marriage dates.

Documents Required for Taali Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka State

While applying Taali Bhagya Scheme in karnataka state you should have below following documents
  1. Residents of the state
  2. Aadhar cards of the couples
  3. Age proof
  4. Financial background certificate
  5. Caste certificate
  6. Bank account details

How to Apply For Taali Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka State

The application process for the Taali Bhagya scheme might be offline. Application is to be collected from the officials of the department. Candidates have to fill the application with their personal details. Photographs of the bride and groom must be attached. After carefully filling and attaching all the required documents, the application must be submitted at a specific counter. After scrutinizing the application forms, the list of beneficiaries will be released.

Taali Bhagya Scheme in Karnataka State - How to apply, Eligibility and Benefits

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