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Medak Fort - Overview of Medak Fort in Medak District: Medak Fort is in Medak district, about 100 kilometres from Hyderabad. The fort lies to the north of Medak city. It is a citadel built on a hillock by the powerful Kakatiya dynasty. This Fort is a significant landmark left behind by the powerful Kakatiyan dynasty.

In the 12th century, the fort was built during the reign of the Kakatiyan ruler, Pratapa Rudra. The Fort is a bastion built on a small hill which served as a vantage point for the Kakatiyan kings in ancient India. Medak Fort is an architectural wonder and granted historical importance as it has witnessed some battles of Deccan for over five centuries.

Medak Fort

Medak Fort - Telangana Tourism

The Medak Fort was called Methuku Durgam, meaning cooked rice in Telugu. During the period of Kakatiyas, the fort was initially built in typical Hindu style and later modified by the Qutb Shahis, displaying Muslim architecture. It was a command post of the Kakatians and later for Qutub Shahis. Within the fort, the 17th-century Mosque was built by the Qutub Shahis, granaries and remains of grand houses.

The Medak Fort – Overview

Medak fort is top on the hilltop, surrounded by scenic beauty. The main entrance proudly displays the double-headed bird “Gandabherundam” of the Kakatiyas. It has three main entrances, the “Prathama Dwaram,” the “Simha Dwaram” or Lions Entrance, which has two snarling lions at the top of the entrance and the “Gaja Dwaram” or Elephant’s Entrance, which has a sculpture of two elephants interlocked on both sides of the entrance.

The Medak fort is famous for its architectural brilliance. The fort provided a primitive advantage over invaders and was strategically located. There are pipelines that are used to transport the water in the fort from a well-located within its area. At the fort, one can see a 17th-century cannon that is 3.2 meters long. The cannon has a trident etched on it. The Medak fort stands as an epitome of the architectural excellence of the Kakatiya Empire.

The Fort also features a mosque built during the reign of Qutub Shahis. The wide walls with some natural bastions that are carved out of boulders and rocks on the hillock enhance the beauty of the fort with the rocky face offering its natural defences. Medak Fort is considered one of the important hill forts of Deccan.

Although the Fort is getting ruined it still holds the glory of its history hence it is one of the important historical sites to visit. It provides an excellent picturesque view of the town and the regions around it, it is an amazing place to visit in the Medak district.

Medak Fort is 96 km from Hyderabad it can be reached either by road or rail. The nearest railway station is at Kamareddy (60 km). Tourists can afford their accommodation easily at Medak or even in Hyderabad.

Medak Fort - Overview of Medak Fort in Medak District

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