How to apply YSR Pension Kanuka Online/Offline in Andhra Pradesh State

How to apply for YSR Pension Kanuka in Andhra Pradesh: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has been sworn in as the 2nd chief minister of Andhra Pradesh State. He signed on first GO on the "YSR Pension Kanuka”. This scheme already exists with the name "NTR Bharosa", which he renamed "YSR Pension Kanuka”. This YSR Pension Kanuka scheme enhances the pension amount and reduces the age criteria for old people. This scheme will be more beneficial and helpful for old people. Earlier, they were getting 1000 rs from Chandrababu Naidu’s regime. Now in YSR Pension Kanuka, it has increased to 2250rs. The old pension eligibility age limit has been reduced from 65 to 60 years.

How to apply for YSR Pension Kanuka

How to apply for YSR Pension Kanuka


(a) Old Age Pension (OAP), Widow, Weavers, Toddy Tappers, Fishermen, Single Women, Traditional Cobblers and PLHIV (ART Pensions)  categories enhanced to Rs.2250/-
(b) Disabled Pensions enhanced to Rs.3000/-
(c) CKDU/Dialysis Pensions enhanced to Rs 10000/-.
(d) Reducing the age for Old Age Pensioners (OAP) from 65 to 60 years.

Here in this article, We have revealed complete information about "How to apply YSR Pension Kanuka" in the Online and Offline processes:

Documents Required for YSR Pension Kanuka

1) The candidate must be a citizen of Andhra Pradesh State.
2) An Aadhar Card must be required for the Candidate.
3) Need Age proof.
4) The Candidate Must Have a Bank Account Passbook.
5) Address proof must be needed for the application.
6) Must have Passport size photographs.

How to apply for "YSR Pension Kanuka" Online in Andhra Pradesh State

Visit the Official website of YSR Pension Kanuka, where you can get guidance on how to fill out the form to get the benefits of the YSR Pension Kanuka scheme. The government will provide the official information on how to apply for the scheme on their official website very soon. We will also update you as soon as possible.

How to apply for "YSR Pension Kanuka" Offline in Andhra Pradesh State

Below are the steps to apply for the YSR Pension Kanuka Scheme in Offline : 

1) Volunteers from the village or ward will find out who qualifies for a social security pension through YSR Pension Kanuka.
2) Volunteers from the village or ward will do a physical check (called a "Social Audit") to see if they meet the requirements for each type of income.
3) Volunteers from the village or ward will make suggestions and submit them to the Mandal Parishad Development Officer (MPDO) or Municipal Commissioner (MC).
4) The MPDO/MC reviews the application, makes any necessary suggestions, and submits it to the Extension Officer (Panchayat Raj & Rural Development).
5) The E.O. (PR&RD) checks the application and makes any needed suggestions.
6) Based on the E.O. (PR&RD)'s suggestions and the applicant's eligibility as shown in the Scheme Eligibility Calculator, the Social Audit lists are published in all secretariats. These lists are the Provisional eligible list and the Reverification list, which shows why an applicant is not eligible.
7) People on the Reverification list can file a complaint if they think the reason given for why they are not eligible is wrong.
8) The final list of qualified and not qualified is sent to all secretariats.
9) People on the Final Ineligible List can file a complaint in the Citizen Schemes Portal if they think the reason they were turned down was wrong.
10) The scheme benefits everyone eligible through the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS). Volunteers, WEAs, and WWDS use eKYC (Biometric Authentication) to confirm that the recipient has received the cash.

How to apply for YSR Pension Kanuka in Andhra Pradesh

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