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Mizoram Voter Card Apply Online and Offline Process: Hello viewer, Here is the information about "How to apply for a New voter card in Mizoram state". The voter card is a weapon for the common man. Because of the voter card, we can select the right leader to develop the State and country. Above 18 years are eligible to apply for a voter card in India. This is one of the essential identity cards and the required documents to cast a vote in elections. This can also be used as an identity card for many purposes, including obtaining a SIM card and other submissions.

To apply for a voter card, they are two steps: Online Process and Offline Process. Eligible candidates can apply for the voter card through the simple steps provided. A person can only get registered as a voter in one location. The persons who want to get their voter ID must submit Form – 6 to the Electoral Registration Officer in their assembly constituency.

Persons who want to enrol in Mizoram can also submit Mizoram Voter Id. Apply Online. For this, it is needed to log in to (National Voters service Portal): http://www.nvsp.in/  The site, apart from registering new Voters, also provides many other services such as checking voter ID card statuscorrection of Voter ID, checking Mizoram voter lists and knowing the details of upcoming elections and election officers.

To register for Mizoram Voter Id, Citizens visit the site mentioned above and go to the homepage. Locate the e-registration button and click it. You will be shown the voter registration forms such as Form 6, Form 7, Form 8 and Form 8A.

For new voter registrations, the Form to be submitted is Form 6. Click on this, and you will be shown Form no. 6 to register Mizoram Voter Id Apply Online.

How to Apply for Mizoram Voter ID Card Online

Since all national ID cards have been made digital, it is much easier to apply for a voter ID card online in Meghalaya.
Here are the steps you can take to apply online:
1) Visit the official website of the National voter Service Portal ( https://www.nvsp.in/)

Mizoram Voter ID Card Online

2)  Register on the website and sign in with your login credentials.

3) Select the option for "Form 6-Register as a New Elector/Voter", which is shown in the left corner.

Mizoram Voter ID Card Online

4)  It Opens another page where all Forms will be seen on the screen. Just click on Form 6

Mizoram Form6

5) The Application will open. Select the State*: Mizoram and select District and Assembly/Parliamentary Constituency*, and you need to fill in all the required details such as state, assembly, district, personal details, Date of Birth, Present Ordinary Residence, Declaration etc.

Mizoram Voter Card Apply Online

6) Upload the required documents and submit the Form.

7) After submitting the application Reference number will be generated, which can be used to track the application.

8) A Booth Level Officer (BLO) will visit to verify the information provided in the application after it has been processed.

9) After the details have been confirmed, the voter ID card will be sent to the address listed on the application form.

Steps to Apply for New Voter Card Offline in Mizoram State

Here we have given steps to apply for voter cards offline in Mizoram state.

1. The Applicant can collect the application form by visiting the nearest Election Commission Office of Mizoram.

2. He has to collect Application Form no. – 6 in any language, either it is in English or in Hindi

3. Applicant has to fill in all the details correctly and without any kind of mistake and attach a copy of the required documents mentioned below:
  • Latest passport size photo of the Applicant
  • Identity proof: Aadhaar card or Pan Card or Driving license
  • Address Proof: Electricity bill or Water Bill or Ration Card

4. Visit the election commission office nearby and submit the application form with all the documents attached. Once you submit Form 6 to Election Commission Office, BLO officers (Booth Level Officers) will verify the details and all the documents attached.

5. After the verification, you will get an Acknowledgment Receipt Number or Reference Number to track the status of your Voter ID card

6. After two or three weeks, your name will be added to the list of the people who vote, and you will get your Voter ID Card at your address.

Mizoram Voter Card Apply Online and Offline Process

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