Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad District: How to Reach , Timings & Entry Fee

Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad District: How to Reach & Timings: The Hussain Sagar Lake is about 9 km from the Golconda Fort, which is in the western part of Hyderabad city. The outer fort is 4.8 kilometres long and covers an area of 3 square kilometres.

It was first called Mankal, built on a hilltop in 1143. During the Rajah of Warangal, it was a mud fort. Later, it was fortified by the Bahmani Sultans and the ruling Qutub Shahi dynasty between the 14th and 17th centuries. The city centre of the Qutub Shahi kings was Golconda. The inner fort has the remains of palaces, mosques, and a pavilion on top of a hill that is about 130 metres high and gives a view of other buildings.

Golkonda Fort

Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad District

Golconda Fort is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful forts in India. Golconda Fort has been around since the early 1300s, when it was ruled by the Kakatiyas. Then, the Qutub Shahis governed it in the 1600s and 1700s. The fortress rests on a granite hill 120 metres high while massive crenellated ramparts surround this structure.

It was first called Shepherd's Hill, which in Telugu is Golla Konda. According to a legend, a shepherd boy found an idol on this rocky hill and told the Kakatiya king about it at the time. Around this holy place, the king built a mud fort, and after 200 years, Bahamani rulers took over the place. Later, the Qutub Shahi kings turned this place into a massive granite fort that is 5 km around. People think of the fort as a silent witness to the past. In 1687, the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb ran over the city of Golconda, which was ruled by the Qutub Shahis. Aurangzeb then left the city in ruins on purpose.

Golconda still has mounted cannons, four drawbridges, eight gateways, grand halls, magazines, stables, and other buildings. After Aurangzeb's army marched through this gate and won, it is called Fateh Darwaza, which means "Victory Gate." At Fateh Darwaza, one of Golconda's many famous engineering feats, there are amazing acoustic effects that can be seen and heard. When you clap your hands at a specific spot near the entrance to the dome, the sound echoes and can be heard clearly at the pavilion on top of the hill, which is almost a kilometre away. This warned the people living in the fort that danger was coming. Of course, it now makes visitors laugh. The fort is an impressive example of India's architecture and history. It is also a reminder of Hyderabad's glorious past.

Entry Fee and Timings

Entry to the Golconda fort costs Rs. 15, while foreign visitors pay Rs. 200. If you want to bring your camera inside, you must pay an additional fee. You must purchase a different ticket if you want to see the sound and light performance. The timings at Golconda Fort are 9:00 AM – 5:30 PM, seven days a week.


How to Reach Golkonda Fort

By Air:

The nearest airport is in Hyderabad

By Train:

The nearest railway station is in Hyderabad

By Road:

Other TSRTC bus routes run up to the Golkonda Fort. Many other kinds of transport are available.

Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad District: How to Reach & Timings

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