Rajanna (Sircilla) District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State

Rajanna (Sircilla) District with Mandals and Tourist Places in Telangana State: Sircilla comes from the word sirishala, which means "centre of wealth." It is a town in the Indian state of Telangana. It is also the district capital of the Rajanna Sircilla district. It is in the Sircilla mandal of the Sircilla revenue division. It is on the banks of the Maneru River.

It is popularly known as Textile Town due to the presence of a high number of power looms, textile processing and dyeing units.

Rajanna (Sircilla) District

Rajanna (Sircilla) District with Mandals

Rajanna (Sircilla) District has an area of 2030.89 kilometres. Sircilla of census 2011, the district had a population of 546121. Many famous and popular temples are in Rajanna (Sircilla) District. Some of the temples had some designs made by cutting the rocks. Rajanna (Sircilla) District is well connected by road. Also, there is a railway station, and you can get enough trains to go nearer big railway stations. And Telangana government has again divided districts further so that all the districts can be nourished properly.

Tourist Places in Rajanna (Sircilla) District

The Most Popular Tourist Destinations in Rajanna (Sircilla) District are Singa Samudram Cheruvu, Vemulawada and Nampally.

Mandals in Rajanna (Sircilla) District

Below is the list of 13 mandals in the Rajanna (Sircilla) District of Telangana State:

Sircilla Thangallapalli Gambhiraopet
Vemulawada Vemulawada (Rural) Chandurthi
Rudrangi Boinpalli Yellareddipet
Veernapalli Mustabad Illanthakunta

Rajanna (Sircilla) District with Mandals and Tourist Places

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