Rajanna (Sircilla) District with Mandals in Telangana State

Rajanna (Sircilla) District with Mandals in Telangana State, Rajanna (Sircilla) District, Rajanna (Sircilla) District with Mandals, Rajanna (Sircilla) District in Telangana State: Rajanna (Sircilla) District is a district in Telangana state in India. It was a part of Karimnagar district before it came into existence as a district on 11th October 2016. Rajanna (Sircilla) District has been surrounded by Karimnagar, Kamareddy and Siddipet districts. The district has 1 revenue division and 13 mandals. The headquarter of the district is located at Sircilla which is also known as a textile town as there are many processing units there. The Telangana government is proposing to make Rajanna (Sircilla) District as a Mega Textile Zone. Rajanna (Sircilla) District has Godavari river which flows through the Rajanna (Sircilla) District.

Rajanna (Sircilla) District with Mandals

Rajanna (Sircilla) District with Mandals

Rajanna (Sircilla) District has an area of 2030.89 kilometers. Sircilla of census 2011, the district was having a population of 546121. There are many famous and popular temples are situated there in Rajanna (Sircilla) District. Some of the temples were having some designs made by cutting the rocks. Rajanna (Sircilla) District is well connected by road. Also, there is a railway station and you can get enough trains to go to nearer big railway stations. And Telangana government has again divided districts to further more districts so that all the districts can be nourished properly.

Rajanna (Sircilla) District with Mandals

Sircilla Thangallapalli Gambhiraopet
Vemulawada Vemulawada (Rural) Chandurthi
Rudrangi Boinpalli Yellareddipet
Veernapalli Mustabad Illanthakunta



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