Bagalkot District Police Stations Phone Numbers in Karnataka State

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Bagalkot District Police Stations Phone Numbers in Karnataka State: is divided into sub-divisions each headed by the Sub Division Police Officer. The sub-division is further divided into Circle Offices, headed by an Inspector. A Circle consists of police stations headed by an inspector or sub-inspector. The police department is committed to serving the citizens' needs by providing them effective and efficient services. We are listed below with the Bagalkot District Police Mobile Phone Numbers.

Bagalkot District Police station Phone Numbers

Bagalkot District Police Stations  Phone  Numbers

From registering complaints to knowing your case status, all this and much more can be done with just a few clicks.

The services offered online by the Karnataka police department include –

1)Passport status
2)eChallan status
3)Report a crime
4)Safety tips
5) Eve's teasing complaints
6)Domestic Violence complaints
7)Dowry harassment complaints
8)Internet frauds
9)Property frauds
10)Job frauds
11)Child protection
12) Women's protection
14)Missing persons report
15)Traffic police help
16)Foreigners’ registration

Sno Town Code Landline
1 amingad 08351 280133
2 badami 08357 220133
3 Bagalkot Rural 08354 220460
4 Bagalkot town 08354 220333
5 Bagalkot Traffic 08354 22I333
6 Banahatti 08353 230292
7 Bilagi 08425 275233
8 Gulegundda 08357 250333
9 Hungund 08351 260333
10 Ilkal 08351 270333
11 Jamakhandi Rural 08353 220623
12 Jamakhandi Town 08353 220033
13 Kaladagi 08354 240133
14 Kerur 08357 230033
15 Lokapur 08350 240033
16 Mahalingapur 08350 270033
17 Mudhol 08350 280133
18 Navanagar 08354 235323
19 Savalgi 08353 250033
20 Terdal 08353 255133
20 Terdal 08353 255133

Bagalkot District Police Stations Phone Numbers

*Disclaimer: The police station's contact information has been taken from public lists and websites, whether they are official or not. is NOT affiliated with the sites that are linked. If an address or phone number is wrong, send us an email through the "Contact Us" page. alert-info

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