Anna Bhagya Scheme 2024 - How to Apply, Eligibility, and Benefits

Anna Bhagya Scheme 2024 - How to Apply, Eligibility, and Benefits: Anna Bhagya Yojana was launched in Karnataka in 2013 by Siddaramaiah. In this scheme, poor people will receive free rice for two meals daily. In India, poverty is a major concern. As we know, South India has the highest literacy rate compared to other parts of our country. But still, most of the population here is below the poverty line. There are many reasons behind this. Many political parties play mind games, while people also have different mindsets. No one in India wants to help others without their concern. If this doesn’t end, India will never be a developed country like the USA, England, etc. There are many schemes all over India for poor people. But we know the condition of those schemes. Some schemes are still a mystery to others because no one has ever heard of them. In other schemes, government officials use all the facilities. But nowadays, the scenario is changing, and people are taking advantage of these schemes.

Anna Bhagya Yojana Scheme

Anna Bhagya Scheme

What is the Anna Bhagya Scheme?

In 2013, the Karnataka government started a scheme for poor people, or, you can say, the People below the poverty line (BPL). In this scheme, people with a single cardholder person in the family will get 10 kg of rice at a rate of Rs 1/kg. A family with 2 cardholders will get 20 Kg of rice, and 3 or more will get a maximum of 30 Kg of rice at the same price. Not only rice, people will also get edible oils, sugar, iodized salt, kerosene, and other items at lower price rates. So this will help poor people get at least 2 meals a day.

Benefits of the Anna Bhagya Scheme 

If people benefit from this Anna Bhagya Yojana scheme, their lives will be easier. At least they don’t have to run for food daily without any assurance of getting food. Around 1.09 crore families will benefit from this scheme, so we can imagine the total number of people in these 1.08 crore families. It is better to give food to poor and needy people than to give them money so they can work freely without any food tension after reaching their homes.

Documents Required:

Below are the documents required to apply for the Anna Bhagya Scheme:
1) Proof of residence
2) Aadhaar card of the beneficiary
3) A valid mobile number
4) Bank account details linked with your Aadhaar card

How to Get Benefits of the Anna Bhagya Scheme 

People below the poverty line just need to use their BPL card to receive benefits from this scheme. No extra action is required to get this benefit. Just go to the distributor’s shop with your BPL card. Show them your card, and then you will get the necessary things. It is a very simple and easy process, so people can easily use this scheme for their benefit.

Procedure To Apply For Karnataka Anna Bhagya Scheme

Individuals possessing a BPL or Anna Antyodaya/PHH Card are eligible to avail of the benefits offered by this government scheme. No formal application is required to obtain free rice under this program.
To claim the benefits, visit the nearest ration shop in your locality along with your ration card.

Complete the biometric authentication process by providing your thumb impression on the biometric machine. Following verification, the machine automatically registers the names of family members associated with the beneficiary.
The quantity of rice a beneficiary is entitled to depend on the total number of beneficiaries. The family members of the eligible applicant will receive rice at no cost.

Anna Bhagya Scheme 2024

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