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Learning Licence Online & Offline Apply in Telangana:  A valid learner's licence is required for anyone applying for a driver's licence in Telangana. According to the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988, a driver must first get a learner's licence before applying for a driver's licence. In Telangana, there are two ways to apply for a learner's licence: online and offline. We'll look at the numerous ways to use and what documentation you'll need to get a learner's licence in the state.
As previously said, you can apply for a learner's licence in Telangana online or offline. Both procedures are straightforward and can be done by anyone who qualifies for a learner's permit. Here's a closer look at Telangana's application procedures.

Learning License Online & Offline in Telangana

Telangana Learner's Licence Online

Types of Learner License (LL) in Telangana

The Telangana RTO issues the following learning licences to allow individuals to practise driving for the vehicle for which they desire to receive a permanent licence. Learner’s Licence for HGV or Heavy Goods Vehicles.
  • Learner’s Licence for HPV or Heavy Passenger Vehicles.
  • Learner’s Licence for Invalid Carriage.
  • Learner’s Licence for Motor Vehicles of Specified Descriptions.
  • Learner’s Licence for non-geared motorcycles.
  • Learner’s Licence for geared motorcycles.
  • Learner’s Licence for LMV or Light Motor Vehicles.
  • Learner’s Licence for Medium Goods Vehicles.
  • Learner’s Licence for MPV or Medium Passenger Vehicles.

Eligibility Criteria for Obtaining a Learning License in Telangana

The below eligibility criteria have to be fulfilled by an individual who is looking to obtain a Telangana learning license. An individual must be at least 20 years old to obtain a commercial learning licence.
  • An individual must be at least 18 years old to obtain a light motor vehicle learning licence.
  • A person must be at least 16 years old to obtain a learning licence for a motor vehicle with an engine capacity of less than 50cc.
  • An individual with a learning licence for a light motor vehicle for at least one year is eligible for a commercial vehicle learning licence.
  • The applicant for a Telangana learning licence should be familiar with traffic laws and regulations.

Documents Required for a Learning License (LL)

The document required along with the learner application form is as follows:
  1. Form No.1 (medical certificate) and blood group.
  2. Form No.2 (grant/renewal license) applicant photograph and complete fill with signature.
  3. Residential Certificate ( voter card/ passport/ telephone/electricity bill/ ration card etc. attach any two attested copies.
  4. Birth Certificate (Age) (Minimum age 18 years) (M.C. birth certificate, school certificate, PAN card, and birth certificate issued from Civil Surgeon attach attested copies.)
  5. Self-declaration certificate.
  6. Two passport size photographs.
  7. Valid fees/service charge.

How to Apply for Learning Licence Offline in Telangana?

Here are the basic steps for applicants who wish to visit the RTO and apply for their learner's licence offline: 

1) Visit the nearest RTO.
2) Request a learner's licence application and other necessary forms, or download and print them at https://www.transport.telangana.gov.in/html/forms-licence.html.

3) Fill out the forms completely and attach the necessary papers.
4) Submit the completed form, along with all supporting documents and passport-sized photos. Pay the application fees at the fifth step.
5) Schedule your learner's permit exam.
6) Schedule an appointment with the RTO and take the test on the scheduled day.
7) If all of the requirements are met, the RTO will give the learner's licence to the applicant or to the registered address.

How to Apply for Learning Licence Online in Telangana?

Here are the basic steps for applicants who wish to visit the RTO and apply for their learner's licence online:

1) Visit https://www.transport.telangana.gov.in/ for more information.

2) After that, select the learner licence.
3) Choose your exam centre and district.
4) Choose any green-colored date that suits your needs.
5) Next, select the times that are most convenient for you and click the Next button.
6) You will be sent to the application for a learner's permit online.
7) Correctly complete the application form.
8) Provide information such as your name, date of birth, and permanent residence.
9) Next, choose the vehicle's licence type and licence class.
10) Check all of the information you entered before clicking the submit button.


a. After verification of your documents, you will have to go through a learner test. Before the learner test, a colour blindness inspection is carried out.

b. The learner test is conducted for 10 minutes, and it has 20 multiple objective type questions.

c. The minimum marks to qualify are 12. The learning license is issued to the applicant who has passed this test.

d. A handbook is provided to go through and learn about the contents of the learner’s test, like Road signs, Traffic rules & regulations with the learner's license application form.

Steps to Get a Permanent License

1) The applicant can apply for the permanent license only if he/she holds a learner license for a minimum period of 1 month.
2) The applicant needs to present personally at Licensing authority with all required documents and the original learner's license
3) Then, the applicant will have to fill the Application Form 4.
4) Submit the fee of Rs. 125/-.
5) After the submission of the form and documents, and fee, the authority will take you to the driving test.
6) Once the applicant clears the driving test, a permanent driving license will be issued to him/her.

Documents required to obtain Permanent Driving License in Telangana:

1)Application Form No. 4
2)Deposit the Fee of Rs. 125/- for the test and license
3)Valid learners license
4)Home Page: https://www.transport.telangana.gov.in/

Learning Licence Online & Offline Apply in Telangana

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