Chittoor District Profile Mandals and Tourist Places: Chittoor is one of the important districts in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It has Anantapur and Kadapa districts on the north, Nellore and chengalpattu (Tamil Nadu) districts on the east, North Arcot ( Tamil Nadu) in the south and Tamil Nadu and Karnataka districts on the west.

Chittoor district is spread over an area of 15,152 square kilometers. The district receives rainfall from eastern and southwest monsoons. Sixty-seven percent of the district is red loamy soils, 34% are red sandy soils and the remaining nine percent are black loamy, black sandy soils.

Chittoor District Mandals and Tourist Places

There are three revenue divisions in Chittoor district and they are Chittoor, Madanapalli, and Tirupati mandal and these are further divided into 66 mandals. This is the district with the highest number of mandals. Below is the Chittoor district mandals list.

Mandals in Chittoor district

Mandal Code Mandal Name Mandal Code Mandal Name Mandal Code Mandal Name
1 Peddamandyam 23 K V P Puram 45 Nagari
2 Thamballapalle 24 Narayanavanam 46 Karvetinagar
3 Mulakalacheruvu 25 Vadamalapeta 47 Srirangaraja Puram
4 Peddathippa Samudram 26 Tirupati Rural 48 Palasamudram
5 B.Kothakota 27 Kammapalle 49 Gangadhara Nellore
6 Kurabalakota 28 Chandragiri 50 Penumuru
7 Gurramkonda 29 Chinnagottigallu 51 Puthalapattu
8 Kalakada 30 Rompicherla 52 Irala
9 Kambhamvaripalle 31 Pileru 53 Thavanampalle
10 Yerravaripalem 32 Kalikiri 54 Chittoor
11 Tirupati Urban 33 Vayalpad 55 Gudipala
12 Renigunta 34 Nimmanapalle 56 Yadamari
13 Yerpedu 35 Mandopalle 57 Bangarupalem
14 Srikalahasti 36 Ramasamudram 58 Palamaner
15 Thottambedu 37 Punganur 59 Gangavaram
16 Buchinaidu Khandriga 38 Chowdepalle 60 Pedda Panjani
17 Varadaiahpalem 39 Somala 61 Baireddi Palle
18 Satyavedu 40 Sodam 62 Venkatagiri Kota
19 Nagalapuram 41 Pulicherla 63 Ramakuppam
20 Pichatur 42 Pakala 64 Santhi Puram
21 Vijaya Puram 43 Veduru Kuppam 65 Gudi Palle
22 Nindra 44 Puttur 66 Kuppam

There are many tourist spots in Chittoor districts. Famous pilgrimage centers Tirumala, Kanipakam and Sri Kalahasti are in this district only. Papagni and Bahuda rivers are flowing through this district. Renigunta and Pakala are popular railway junctions.

Chittoor District Tourist Places

Chittoor district has a special place as a tourist destination in the country. There are many religious places, waterfalls, and historical constructions. Some of them are explained here.

1) Sri Kailasanatha Kona is located at a district of ten kilometers from Puttur. Waterfalls from around 120 feet throughout the year. People believe that this water cures stomach related and skin related diseases.

2) Horsley hills are popular tourist spot and are located at a height of 4,312 feet. This is in B.Kottakota mandal. In 1964, state government built a bungalow as a summer resort for the Governor.

3)Another tourist attraction in the district are the Seshachalam forests which hose rarest animal and plant species.

4)Chandragiri fort is located at a distance of sixteen kilometers from Tirupati. There is a museum, boating facilities etc.

5) Kangundikota is in Kuppam and the Anjaneya Swamy statue is the attraction here. This is located 210 kilometers from Tirupati.

6)Kaigal waterfall is 150 kilometers from Tirupati and it is in the Palamaneru and Kuppam route.

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