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Anantapur District with Mandals and Tourist Places: Anantapur district is the largest district in the western side of Andhra Pradesh State. It was formed in the year 1882. Anantapur was a part of Bellary district in Karnataka state before it was formed in the year 1882. The area of the district is 19,130 square kilometers and is divided into Anantapur, Dharmavaram, and Penugonda revenue divisions.

There are the total of 63 mandals – 20 in Anantapur division, 17 in Dharmavaram division and 26 in Penugonda division. There are also 964 revenue villages, 1005 Gram Panchayats, and seven municipalities.

Anantapur District | Mandals and Tourist Places - Ap State

Anantapur District with Mandals

Anantapur district has Kurnool on the north, Kadapa on the east, Chittoor on southeast and Karnataka on the west. Penna, Chitravati, Vedavati, Papaghni, Swarnamukhi and Tadakaleru rivers flow through this district. Anantapur is the second place in the country after Jaisalmer in Rajasthan that receives the lowest rainfall. The average rainfall in this district in a year is 381 ml.

Anantapur History begins from the foundation of Vijayanagara kingdom. This place is named after Anantadevi, the wife of Bukkarayalu. Anantapuram was a rich place during the reign of Sri Krishnadevaraya.

Map Of Anathapur District

Mandals in Anathapur District

The District has been divided into three Revenue Divisions consisting of 63 Revenue Mandals

Agali Amadagur Amarapuram
Anantapur Atmakur Bathalapalle
Beluguppa Bommanahal Brahmasamudram
Bukkapatnam Bukkarayasamudram Chenne Kothapalle
Chilamathur D.Hirehal Dharmavaram
Gandlapenta Garladinne Gooty
Gorantla Gudibanda Gummagatta
Guntakal Hindupur Kadiri
Kalyandurg Kambadur Kanaganapalle
Kanekal Kothacheruvu Kudair
Kundurpi Lepakshi Madakasira
Mudigubba Nallacheruvu Nallamada
Nambulapulakunta Narpala Obuladevaracheruvu
Pamidi Parigi Peddapappur
Peddavadugur Penu Konda Putlur
Puttaparthi Ramagiri Raptadu
Rayadurg Roddam Rolla
Settur Singanamala Somandepalle
Tadimarri Tadpatri Talupula
Tanakal Uravakonda Vajrakarur
Vidapanakal Yadiki Yellanur

Tourist Attractions in Anantapur District

There are 44 temples in Anantapur that are under the state archeology department and 23 are under the central archaeology department. There are around 1000 small and big temples in the district.

1) Kadiri Narasimha Temple is an 800-year-old ancient temple. Every year brahmotasavam is held for the temple deity for fifteen years.

2) Bugga Ramalingeswara temple in Tadipatri is called the second Varanasi.

3)Puttaparthi is another religious place in Anantapur district. Devotees from other countries also come here to visit the Samadhi of Satya Sai Baba. This is located at a distance of 64 kilometers from Anantapur via Dharmavaram.

4)Veerapuram is another important Anantapur Tourist Places for bird lovers. Birds from as far as Siberia come here every year and the villagers look after them as their guests. Painted stork is one important guest here.

5) Lepakshi temple is another important tourist spot in the district. There is a large Nandi sculpture that looks real. It is 15 feet high and 27 feet long.

6)There are many historical structures in Penugonda. It was the second capital of Sri Krishna Devaraya.

Anantapur is well connected with railways and national highways. There is Puttaparthi airport 80 kilometers away from Anantapur. The nearest international airport is Devanahalli airport near Bangalore.

People of Anantapur speak Telugu and Urdu languages mainly. There are Sri Krishnadevaraya University and JNTU. Important personalities that took birth in here are former Andhra Pradesh chief minister Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy and Nadella Satya, the chief executive officer of Microsoft.

Anantapur District with Mandals and Tourist Places


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