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Nilamagal Pondicherry Land Records - Pondicherry Land Records Online: Pondicherry residents can conveniently access land records through the Nilamagal online portal. This portal, managed by the Directorate of Settlement and Land Records, offers easy access to government-owned and ryotwari lands in Pondicherry for assessing taxation and lease amounts. Simply visit to access the online portal.


Nilamagal Pondicherry 2024: e-Services

1) Issues settlement copy
2) Issues Patta copy
3) Issues FMB copy
4) Assists viewing GLR
5) Application of EC/CC/MCC

How do I check land record details on the Nilamagal 2024 portal?

1) Visit and log in to access your land record details online.

Nilamagal Website

2) Click on "Settlement copy".
3) In the drop-down boxes, select your region, taluk, and village. Choose the land type and search type (Patta number or RS/TS number). Enter the respective number and click "submit".

Pondicherry Land Records

4) To view details about Patta copy or FMB copy, navigate to "e-services" and follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Nilamagal Pondicherry 2024: How to check guideline register value?

In the e-services section, select "View GLR." You will be directed to The guideline value represents the minimum value of a property based on various factors such as location, amenities, property type, and usage.

1) Click on the "Know Your GLR Value." button

Know Your GLR Value

2) Provide details such as region, taluk, and village. Enter the survey number, subdivision, and year.

Know Your GLR Value Form

3) Click submit to proceed.

How to check the EC and CC on Nilamagal Pondicherry 2024?

1) Visit and log in to access your land record details online. Select "EC/CC/MCC."

Nilamagal Pondicherry

2) Choose "EC" to view/apply encumbrance or "CC" to view/apply a certified copy.

Pondicherry ec

3) Log in to the Nilamagal portal when prompted.
4) Provide your mobile number, email ID, captcha, and click "Get OTP." Enter the OTP received and click "Verify OTP" to proceed with login.

Nilamagal Pondicherry Land Records

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