How to Transfer Voter Card from one state to another State

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How to Transfer Voter Card from one state to another State: If you have a voter card but you transferred to another location. Then, don't worry; you can transfer the voter card from one location to another location. We will tell complete steps to "How to transfer a Voter card from one state to another". By using these steps, you can transfer voter cards easily.

To move your voting registration to a new constituency, your name must be transferred from the old constituency's electoral roll to the new one. You can simply update the address rather than applying for a new Voter ID.

Steps to Transfer Voter Card from one state to another State

1) Visit the Voter Service Portal Official Website:

Transfer Voter Card

2) Click on the Fill Form8 button under the FORMS Section.

Transfer Voter Card  form8

3) It Redirects to the login page. If you are already registered in the portal, click the login button. If not, click the "register" button and sign into the portal.

Transfer Voter Card

4) After Signing in to the portal, it opens the "voter service portal" dashboard. You must click the  "Fill Form 8" under the FORMS section.

5) It will open the Form 8 Application page. Then, a pop-up window will be displayed on the screen. That will ask for an Application for Self and Other Elector. If you are deleting yours, then select SELF. If not, select Other Elector.

6) Select Your Voter ID, which you need to transfer to another location.

7) Then a pop-up window will display on the screen. Just select the option "Shifting of Residence

Shifting of Residence 

8) If you want to change Assembly Constituency select "Within Assembly Constituency". If you want to change to Outside Assembly Constituency then select "Outside Assembly Constituency" from the option. Then click on the "OK" Button.

Within Assembly Constituency

9) Form 8 Application will shown on the screen. Fill in the following sections 

A. Select State, District, AC/PC
B. Details
C. Submit an application for
D. Declaration
E. Submission

10) Click on the "Preview and Submit" button. Then, you will get the reference number. Just save the number to check the status of the Transfer of the voter card to another location.

How to Transfer Voter Card from one state to another

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