Ration Card E-KYC in Telangana - Steps to Update EKYC in Telangana Ration Card

Ration Card E-KYC in Telangana - Steps to Update EKYC in Telangana Ration Card: The Telangana government has stepped up the Ration E-KYC program to check Bogas Ration Cards. But if the card isn't changed by the due date, it will be cancelled; in this way, they've asked all people whose names are on the white ration cards to finish the E-KYC. This article will discuss "How to update EKYC in Telangana Ration Card". Below are the steps we have provided complete details on the EKYC Ration card Telangana.

Steps to Update the Ration Card eKYC

1) To update your Ration Card eKYC, you should first go to the nearest ration shop.

2) All Ration Cards members should carry their Xerox Aadhaar cards and present them to the ration shop authorities. Now, they will link the Aadhaar card to the ration card. 

3) The retailer will record Aadhaar numbers for each member individually using an e-POS machine.

4) After that, fingerprints are scanned to finish the e-KYC. All members should have their fingerprints taken as part of the KYC process.

5) This way, you can easily update the KYC on your Ration Card.

What happens if e-KYC is not updated on the Ration Card?

If the e-KYC on the Ration Card is not updated, there will be problems getting a Ration from the National Ration Card. This is because updating your KYC on your Ration Card is required. Some people may have trouble getting food from the ration shop if the Know Your Customer (KYC) process on their Ration Card is not finished. As a result, all members must update their KYC on the Ration Card, and those who do not update their e-KYC on the Ration Card will be deleted from the list of Ration Card beneficiaries.

Ration Card E-KYC in Telangana

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