How to Check Apartment Registration Details Online in Telangana State

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How to Check Apartment Registration Details Online in Telangana State: Buying a Flat in an Apartment is a pretty risky thing to do. Before making a deal on an area of land, you should know about things like property fights, illegal encroachments, forgery, etc. To make a good deal, it's important to know about the property or land's history and have records of it. If you're worried about  "How to Check Apartment Registration Details Online". Here we have provided complete steps to check the Registration Details for Apartment Flat.

The government of Telangana has set up an online portal under the Registration and Stamp Department to deal with these kinds of property fraud and to help and educate its people. IGRS can also provide information about property registration.

In Telangana (EC Telangana), it is responsible for land registration, sale deeds, and getting an encumbrance certificate. Senior people in law enforcement keep an eye on complaints from the public and try to solve them quickly.


Steps to Check Apartment Registration Details Online

1) Visit the Official Website of IGRS:

  IGRS Website

2) If you are already a user of IGRS Portal, you can log in. If Not, you can register in the IGRS Portal as a citizen.

IGRS Portal Login

3) After logging into the portal under "CITIZEN SERVICE DASHBOARD", click on the "Registered Document Details " tab.

4) After clicking on the "Registered Document Details" " it redirected to the "Registration Details" Page. 

5) Select Registration Details, District, Sub Register Office from dropdown and enter document no and register year. Click on the "submit" button.

6) Then, your property document details will show on the screen.

How to Check Apartment Registration Details Online

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