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SSA Gujarat Child Tracking System Login Page Adhaar Dise: Gujarat State government has started a new system for schools. This scheme is known by the name SSA Gujarat Child Tracking System. This system has been created for the students from Classes 1 to 8. Many States have taken a sledgehammer impact on primary education. This is for government schools and also for teachers. The quality of the schools could be better. Even Gujarat State doesn’t have an impressive track record in this matter.

But things are about to change in Gujarat. The state government has launched the SSA Child Tracking System. This education tracking system for children has been in action since 2014. Under this system, every child has a unique identity code. This is available for all the 87 lakh students of the State, from classes 1 to 8.

This code is an 18-digit UID number to track the academic activity of the child. This tracking ID will help monitor the reason for a child dropping out from school, the child's performance, his/her absenteeism, and the consequent training programme for teachers. This article provides details about the SSA Gujarat Child Tracking System Login Page. Details are in the article below; thus, keep reading it till the end.


SSA Gujarat Child Tracking System 2023

SSA is Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan; a child tracking system has been made under this. Under this system, attendance of both student and child will be conducted online. With the help of this system, parents will be able to check their child's annual records. These records will be maintained annually with the child's name, parents' details, birth date, benefits received and address. This system is also termed Aadhaar enabled DISE (District Information System for Education).

You must know that DISE only captures enrolment figures. However, the Aadhaar enabled system, which contains a lot of data such as biometric and resident demographic information and can identify persons anywhere in India, greatly benefits the system.

Following the Adhaar system strategy, this system has been built to track and store students' data by providing them unique IDs. According to the authorities, under the elementary schooling system, every student is covered in this system. This SSA Gujarat Child Tracking System has been launched to deal with various problems. This system will deal with fake enrolments, retention numbers, fudged dropouts, and the universalisation of elementary education.

This SAS Child Tracking System helps in tracking the Child's academic record. It also helps in monitoring a child's socioeconomic situation. It will also create a database that will help set parameters for each school's performance. Adhar Dise Login | CRC Monitoring

The data will help understand the standard features of school failures. That will help schools provide better training to teachers. This will help in providing better education to students. It will also help in an overall improvement in the school education. The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan & Monitoring Information System of Gujarat developed and designed this project. In the academic year 2013-14, this system created data for lakhs of students. The data is collected in the Cluster Resource Centre.

The collected data has come from the block level. According to the internal education department note, one interface team, a block or District team, will monitor the CRC cluster date. So every school must stay in check. Also, every school has helped with desk form distribution.


SSA Gujarat Child Tracking System Login Page

1) To enter into the system's official website:

Gujarat Child Tracking System

2) Once you click on this given link, you will be redirected towards the home page of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
3) Click on this page's “Aadhaar Dise Child Tracking System” link.
4) Once you click that link, you will be redirected to a new page.
5) On this page, you have to fill in some details.
6) You can log in to it by using a username and password.
7) People can also track child activity by entering their Child Unique ID and pressing “GO.”
8) But if you don’t have any of these things, you must enter other details.
9) Select the child's academic year.
10) After this, you can see details about the child.

That is everything about the SSA Gujarat Child Tracking System Login Page. For more information, stay tuned with us. For any queries, write us through the comment section.

SSA Gujarat Child Tracking System Login Page 

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