Indian Post Office – Working Days, Hours and Lunch Timings

Indian Post Office – Working Days, Hours and Lunch Timings: Indian Post Office will be helpful and beneficial for the entire Indian citizens in numerous ways. With the help of the Post office, they can send & receive letters, money orders, and many more. The entire post office operates as a branch of the Indian Postal Department. The Post Office Timings will remain the same for the entire branches. In the earlier stage, there was no postal department available in India.


They need to utilize the Messengers for sending or receiving letters. Now, people will not experience such issues. In 1963, the penny-postage system was introduced by Lord Dalhousie, Great Britain. After that, everything changed in India and assisted the people with the Indian Postal Department. You can refer to this article to know the Indian Post Office working hours, lunch hours, office timing, etc.


Important Facts – Indian Post Office

The postal system is operated by the Indian government and also the sub-ordinate of our Ministry of Communications. On October 1st, 1854, the post office was introduced by Lord Dalhousie effectively to utilize the new Indian postal services. The Government of India is now ruling the Indian Postal Office department. The Post office headquarters is located in New Delhi (Sansad Marg).

The post office department can provide 11,500 crores as its overall annual revenue to the Indian government. The Indian country is split into 23 different postal areas or circles and each one is operated under the control of the Chief Postmaster General. Moreover, each circle or area is also split into divisions or regions. The highest post office globally is located in Himachal Pradesh (Hikkim), with a height of 14,567 feet.


India Post Working Days (Regular Work)

The Indian Post office service will perform different types of work. The services are retail, banking services, life insurance, money remittance, mail services, and many more. The India Post Working Days will update new facilities regularly for the user’s benefit. People can utilize the mail service for sending & receiving parcels and letters.

It is important to avoid the overcrowded gathering at the Post office to finish your work. You need to know the Post Office Lunch Hours or working timing to complete the work without any hassle. When compared with the lunchtime hours, it is advisable to complete your postal work in the morning session itself.


Indian Post Office Timings

The working hours of our Indian Postal Office will start from 08:00 AM till 04:00 PM for the entire weekdays. In a few instances, the Indian Post Office's working hours may extend its timing. Based on the schedule, you can visit the Indian Post office. Except on Sunday, the post office will work at night time as well.

Especially on holidays, the Indian post office is entirely closed. Even on Saturday, the post office will remain open for its service. In case of any emergency holiday announced by the government, the post office will remain closed that day.

Day Timing
Monday 8 AM to 4 PM
Tuesday 8 AM to 4 PM
Wednesday 8 AM to 4 PM
Thursday 8 AM to 4 PM
Friday 8 AM to 4 PM
Saturday 8 AM to 4 PM
Sunday Off

Indian Post Office Lunch Hours

The Indian Post Office Lunch Hours may vary based on different circles or regions. Some employees can take some rest during lunch hours. They can have their lunch and at least take some rest. During lunch hours, there won’t be any work in the post office. It is advisable for people not to visit the post office during the lunch break timing. The people need to wait until lunchtime for any other pending work. After lunch hours, the employees will start their work again.

Post Office Lunch Hours are either 2:30 PM to 3:30 PM (or) 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM.

Saturday – Indian Post Office Timings:

The Post office will open every Saturday, even on the 2nd or 4th Saturday of each month. The post office will be closed on Saturday only if it is a government holiday. If not, then the Indian Postal Department will work on Saturday with the scheduled timing from 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM.

If you would like to know whether the Indian Postal Department is working today or not, then you should know whether today is a government holiday. If today is not a holiday or Sunday, then the post office should definitely work today.



In Indian Country, you can find the post office in every place. With affordable pricing, people are assisted in different ways by the Indian Post Office. It is optional for people to spend numerous money to complete their work. The Indian postal department will showcase its significant role both in our office and as well as personal work.

India has already enhanced with advanced technology, but the postal department is still stable. To work adequately and systematically, it is properly split into various postal circles or regions and controlled by the postmaster general. The Indian Post Offices are divided into 3 different categories like E.D Branch Post Offices, Sub-post offices, and Head Post offices.

Indian Post Office – Working Days, Hours and Lunch Timings

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