Gandhari Khilla in Mancherial District of Telangana State

Gandhari Khilla in Mancherial District of Telangana State: Gandhari Khilla, also called Gandhari Kota, is a hill fort near Bokkalagutta in Mandamarri Mandal, Mancherial district, Telangana, India.

On the sand rock hills, you can find it. The fort was built in a densely wooded area with many kinds of plants, including many that can be used to heal. The whole fort has yet to be dug up, and some of it is still hidden by trees.

Gandhari Khilla

Gandhari Khilla in Mancherial District

Mahankali Jatara (also called Quarry Jatara) is held every year, and more than 10,000 people attend. Every two years, the Gandhari Maisamma Jatra is held at the temple on the fort of Gandhari. Tribal people from the Vindhya area, including Maharashtra and Chhattisgarh, come from the other side of the river to participate.

The highway between Mancherial and Bellampalli goes close to the fort, 3 km from the village of Bokkalagutta.

At the fort, you can find the Gandhari Maisamma temple.

How to Reach Gandhari Khilla

By Air

Airport Nearest to Hyderabad.

By Road

The Mancherial is 13 km away from the Gandhari Khilla. Buses and Autos are available to visit Gandhari Khilla.
By Train

The closest train station is in Mancherial.

Gandhari Khilla in Mancherial District

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