How To Activate Online Transactions for ICICI Debit Card

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How To Activate Online Transactions for ICICI Debit Card: Before using the debit/ATM card for the first time, a new user must enable it. Usually, you need to make the card's PIN for this. Along with this, ICICI credit cards and debit cards can also be used for different types of transactions, which you need to turn on at first because they are turned off. After allowing these activities, you can withdraw cash, pay online and at stores, use Tap and Pay, and change the limits on your card. Check out how to activate an ICICI bank card step by step.


How to Activate ICICI Debit Card for Online Transactions

International transactions are usually disabled for debit cards. Here are the steps to enable such transactions using both the iMobile app and ICICI Internet banking:

Through imobile App

1) Use the iMobile app to sign in to your account.
2) Select "Debit Card" by clicking on it.

imobile app debit card

3) Select and allow 'Online' transactions.

imobile app transaction limit

Through Internet Banking

Follow the steps below to set your card limit and make your debit card work for online purchases. 

1) Login into your ICICI online banking account.
2) Click on the "Debit / ATM Card" tab on the dashboard.

ICICI online banking

3) It redirects to the "Virtual Debit Card" page.

Virtual Debit Card

4) Click the ‘Manage Card Limit’ option to change "Increase / Decrease Debit Card Limit".

Manage Card Limit

5) Enable (or) Disable transaction limit.

Following these two steps, ICICI Bank debit card holders can make online "Increase / Decrease Debit Card Limit" transactions.

How To Activate Online Transactions for ICICI Debit Card

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