How to download Twitter videos on your Android Smartphone

How to download Twitter videos on your Android Smartphone: Even though Twitter wasn't made for videos, it's a surprisingly good place to find exciting clips. It's so good, in fact, that you'd want to share a lot of them so that everyone can have fun. Even though Twitter makes it easy to save pictures, it's a different story regarding videos. Currently, neither the Twitter app nor the PC site can download videos. But, as with everything else, there are ways around it. With the help of third-party apps, users can save video clips from Twitter to their devices. And what's best? It's easier than you might think. Here, we have provided complete steps you just need to follow to download Twitter videos to your iPhone and Android. 

Download Twitter Videos

Steps to Download Twitter Videos on Android

Several apps on the Play Store can be used for this, but we suggest Tweeload because of how simple it is to use and how beautifully the interface is made. Follow the instructions listed below after installing the app. 

1) Find the tweet with the video you want to download, tap the share button, and tap "Copy Link."
2) After copying the link, go to the Tweeload App and Download it from the Play Store (tweeload). Paste the URL into the text field at the top of the screen. Simply select the blue clipboard icon to use.


3) When you're finished, click the download button below.
4) Doing so will automatically save the clip to your gallery, where you may quickly share it. To find downloaded videos, click the download symbol in the top-right corner.

How to download Twitter videos on your Android Smartphone

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