Campa Cola Franchise 2023 – Campa Cola Franchise Cost, Profit

Campa Cola Franchise 2023 – Campa Cola Franchise Cost, Profit: You feel nostalgic when you drink something fun you used to like as a child. Many Indian companies that have been in business since the 1970s have quit making these old-fashioned products. Campa Cola is another company like this. Most of you probably think it is no longer in business because you can't find its goods in stores anymore. The cool thing about Campa Cola Franchise, though, is that it has been brought back by RCPL. (Reliance Consumer Products).

Campa Cola Franchise

Campa Cola Franchise

On March 9, 2023, Reliance officially announced that they would bring back the famous brand Campa Cola for the Indian people. Campa Cola Franchise was started in 1977. At the time, it made and sold drinks with flavours like Cola, lime, and orange in India. Back then, kids loved this drink that didn't have booze in it. So, here's everything you need to know about the Campa Cola Franchise, including the Campa Cola Franchise Cost, Investment Details, etc.

Campa Cola Franchise

In India, Campa Cola is a well-known brand of cola. It makes every Indian who has heard of Campa Cola feel very emotional. So, Campa Cola is an Indian name for the soft drink Cola. The Pune Drink Group and Campa Beverages Private Limited started it in 1977. When Mukesh Ambani bought this company for 22 crore rupees, Campa Cola became LimeLight.
For just 22 crore rupees, Reliance India Limited and Reliance Industries bought the Campa Cola name. The main reason Reliance Company wants to buy Campa Cola is to invest in the cooler business. When Campa Cola hit the market, it gave Coca-Cola, Pepsi, and other soft drinks a lot of trouble.

Products launched by Campa Cola

When Reliance says it will buy Campa Cola, people think about how it will affect competition. The Economic Times says the Indian cola business is worth 20,000 crore rupees. Coca-Cola has 49.9 per cent of the market share in this business, which makes it the biggest player. Pepsi ko is another big player. It has 19.6% of the market share. The other regional name has a 23.9% share, and the other has a 6.5% share.

Below are the Products available under the Name Campa Cola :

1) Campa Cola 
2) Campa Cola lemon 
3) Campa Cola Orange 
4) Campa Lime Green

Campa cola franchise cost

Currently, the company's website doesn't say how many Campa Cola franchises they have. According to News, this company needs 40 lakh rupees. This amount included the Security amount, the cost of the shop or warehouse, the cost of the business vehicle, and the working capital.

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Campa Cola Franchise 2023 – Campa Cola Franchise Cost, Profit

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