Digital Police Portal 2023 - Log in, Report a Crime @

Digital Police Portal 2023 - Log in, Report a Crime @ The central government has started the Digital Police Portal so that people can check the status of their passports online, report cyber crimes online, check the status of their employees, and so on. By combining the CCTNS project with the e-courts and e-prison databases, the portal aims to make and keep a single, centralized national database of crimes and criminals.

Digital Police Portal


Digital Police Portal

The police and central investigation agencies will be able to use the national database of crimes and criminals to search for information and make reports through the digital portal. The state police and the central investigation agencies can use this database to look up a criminal's record or any other information about them. Read on to learn more about the Digital Police Portal, including its highlights, goals, features, benefits, and services, how to report a crime, make a person verification request, the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS) Project, and much more.


About Digital Police Portal

The central government has made the Digital Police Portal available for online services like verifying a passport, filing a cybercrime complaint, checking an employee's background, and more. The Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems Project created and maintains the Digital Police Portal, found at (CCTNS). Only 13,775 of the 16,671 police stations have access to the digital platform and can put all the data into the software. Through the digital portal, police and central investigation agencies could search the national database for information on criminals and crimes and report what they find. Using this database, the state police and the central investigation agencies can look up any information about a criminal.


Benefits of Digital Police Portal

Some of the main benefits of the Digital Police Portal are as follows: 

1) Citizens can file complaints about criminals and police officers online.
2) The citizen can file a police report (FIR) online for a quick resolution to a crime.
3) It offers online services that are easy for people to use, such as asking for police verification before getting a passport, keeping track of the case's progress online, accessing the victim's compensation fund and legal services, and so on.
4) The national database on crime and criminals will give the investigating agency all the information they need.
5) The national data on the portal would make it easier for police to solve crimes and stop illegal activities by speeding up their investigations and letting them make better decisions.
On the digital police portal, central investigating and research agencies can also log in to get access to crime statistics.


Features of Digital Police Portal

Some of the most important features of the Digital Police Portal are as follows: 

1) Citizens can use the Digital Police Portal to report crimes online and request background checks for potential employees (like housekeepers, drivers, etc.), tenants, or any other reason. Also, anyone can ask for proof of their family history.

2) Only authorized police officers can review Crime and Criminal data and reports. This is to protect the privacy of the people involved and to keep the country safe. The email will respond to people requesting services to check their criminal records.

3) The Hon'ble Prime Minister discussed the DIGITAL POLICE platform, part of the Ministry of Home Affairs' SMART Policing initiative. Its goal is to provide services to the public and help police do their jobs better.

4) Through the portal, authorized users could access the National Database of Crime Records to provide services to the public, analyze data, research, and look into crimes.

5) The portal collects information about crimes that have happened and are still happening nationwide. This data has information about people who have been charged or found guilty in criminal cases. It also has information about stolen or found goods, people who have gone missing, dead bodies that have been found or whose identities are unknown, and other things. This information would help police solve crimes and help the public by letting them check people's backgrounds.

6) The portal also makes a variety of reports on crime trends across the country that can be used to analyze public policy and come up with solutions. For example, the information in this portal can be used to make reports about crimes that are more common in certain places, crimes against women and children, social trends in crime, patterns of crime involving groups of a certain age or level of education, etc.

Services Offered by State Police Citizen Portals

The following services offered by State Police Citizen Portals are also available to the public. 

1) The complaint was sent to the appropriate police station.
2) Obtaining copies of the FIRs
3) Checking the status of the complaints
4) Details about those who have been arrested or are being sought to submit applications for the issuance or renewal of different NOCs 
5) Information about people who have gone missing or been kidnapped and how people who have been arrested match up with them, as well as information about stolen/found cars, weapons, and other items.
6) The website where people can share information and download important documents for citizens
7) Requests to check on employees, jobs, passports, registrations for seniors, etc.

Steps to Report a Crime at Digital Police Portal

The user needs to do the following steps to report a crime: 

 1) First, go to the Digital Police Portal website:

Digital Police Portal

2) Scroll down Under "Services for Citizens" and click on "Report a Cyber Crime."

Report a Cyber Crime 

3) The screen will show a new page. Now, use the drop-down menu to choose your home state.

4) You can log in if you already have an account, or you can set up a new login ID.

5) After you choose the state, you will be taken to that state's web portal service, where you must enter your information and crime data.

Digital Police Portal - Log in, Report a Crime

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